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HOW?? omg this blew me away

this is perfect. I'm amazed. the part where it looks like you're entering your room but it turns into an office? wow. the transitions and movement and voice of the whole thing were excellent


thank you so much :^)

😁 thank you!!

this is AMAZING. the part right after you talk to the leader (I don't wanna spoil it) had me floored (pun intended). the setting and plot was so vivid, and the humor really hit home

This was so cool. The ending was a little unnerving, it felt like the Twilight Zone :D

this really is tooth hell. it was so gross but i couldn't stop reading and I'm so glad you're better! the lil pac man ui was neat :^)

This game is amazing. You always manage to bring a new aspect of gameplay AND have excellent storytelling. I had never before seen or had the idea of digging in a bitsy game. Uncovering the secrets is really interesting, and I wasn't expecting this to have different endings. The grandpa ending is my favorite