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Also, about the whole status quo thing, the only way to combat aggression is aggression. If we want to change the world around us we need to be ACTIVE, we need to go for it and hit them where it hurts. I hate the upper crust as much as any other mid-low class gentleman, but I'm fully aware that almost every person who's gained great amounts of wealth are either pathetic fucks who don't do anything for fear of losing their wealth, or overly aggressive dicks who fuck every business they can in order to get even one more penny. This was never about me liking how things are, it was about facing the truth and understanding that the only real difference between them and us is money, and the rest follows naturally.

Gotta be real, I don't appreciate my confession and apology of not enjoying this and being too aggressive being used against me. Not super upset or anything it just feels a little cheap.

I'm just saying that everybody wants to believe that they'd be the good guy if given the chance, i would love to think that about myself too, it's just that given how many people who think that then win big and almost immediately become awful people is very discouraging of that idea, so seeing other people be like "yeah this is what I would do if i woke up in Jeff Bezos's body" feels fake. I appreciate that the conversation has deescalated though, I really don't like being like that, i was just having a shitty day, acted rude, and didn't know what to do but keep it up.

actually, i added a couple hundred epicycles and now it draws a better dick and writes my name with 3rd grade handwriting, very nice

it cant spell my name very well but does a suprisingly good cock, great application

i crashed my computer, and after one color gets too many it becomes impossible for the others.

hey, its been a while but i wanted to apologize for being confrontational.

Man, you got me good. You used "I'm just built different" and acted like it was not only a VALID argument, but also like it did LITERALLY ANYTHING to weaken my statement. I didn't even say that having a lot of money made you a bad person, I agree that Bezos is a huge piece of shit, but if he treated his workers right and followed the law, then there would be no reason to hate him besides jealousy or disliking him as a person, rather than a large sum of money with a name. I'm sure you're a good person, and so are the other people who responded to the OP, but I have yet to see a single rich person who does what these people (including you and the games creator) would have them do. That's because it's super unreasonable to expect someone to just give everything away regardless of their position, and that issue would only get worse as the scale increases because you are less inclined to share with people you have little to no relationship with, and the lesser your relation the weaker that inclination gets. It's the difference between sharing a small bag of chips that's only yours with your best friend, and sharing a family sized bag of chips you bought for your friend group with a random group of people you've never met before.

p.s. this has been going on for so long, it started with my sudden and extreme annoyance at the material presented, for really no good reason, although i stand by what i said as true, I can agree that my presentation was unnecessarily aggressive, but honestly at this point it feels like arguing for the sake of arguing, but still, feel free to respond.

cool game

idk if im just stuck or if the gg means its over, but if its over then i need to tell you that your thumbnail for this game was pretty much clickbait.

can we start moving away from mouse to pick up and try to leave the controls at least costumizable

aah, im a dumbass, i thought it was literally just you telling us it was impossible to fail. sorry

Is this whole game a brokeback mountain reference?

that sounds like its accurate to anyone who's gone to a movie with spicy romance in general, and feels that way towards the person they went with.

what am i supposed to do, everything explodes. i wanted to play minesweeper

wow, one down vote and your at even for your upvotes, it seems like as much as people disagree with me, only one was willing to take your side on this one. maybe because you didn't make any actual fucking points?

i wish i could agree that many down-votes would mean I'm wrong, but you've seen how stupid groups of people can be. Anyways, now that the conversation is back to you and me, not all of those faceless no ones, you do also know that almost all of the money Jeff Bezos has isn't liquidated right? he invests it right back into his companies. Another fun point is that even if you arent rich you have plenty to donate at almost every level of American and European society, pretending like its the riches fault is a pansy ass excuse and you fucking know it. So, if you have a response that actually means something (like proof that you donate to charities, that you don't make enough to donate because you have a family) instead of just saying "No, iM noT gREeDy, YoU baD!! me gOoD!!" then feel free too speak up, but if all you have to bring to the table is insults and excuses then quite frankly I'm done talking to you.

idk whats wrong with yalls eyes but i got that shit done in like ten seconds

because once you're that rich you begin to want more, plenty of people said the same things you guys are saying and a soon as they get that chance its always the same, whether from uncovered greed or fear for your life (a good person is always a threat to the elites) you would fold.

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hey dickweed, money makes you want more money, not to mention that a good person being a billionaire is a threat to the high society, you wouldn't do what you pretend you would, be it because of greed or fear. grow the fuck up.

maybe you should head over to the doc and get your head checked, if you really wanna pretend like you don't get what I'm saying you're either being an idiot on purpose or just brain dead.

sure pal, you would totally give it all away. I'm not saying i would continue to run a sweat shop like Jeff, but you can improve quality of life for your workers without giving away all of your money. to pretend like you would do that is ridiculous.

My only complaint is that you cant get rid of burnt eggs, maybe that would be something to spend your money on, like a trashcan of some sort.

Honestly, I don't get being pissed enough to make a game like this about it especially when we all know you would not do any of this and would instead revel in your newfound wealth

And I, was launched in

I killed Satan and got possessed by Garfield

I killed Satan and got possessed by Garfield

I cry

Seems cool, wish you could breed appearance.

it says fungi has shut down, why is that

Ok, thank you

is there any way to access console commands on browser, if not that's fine.

now, suddenly, im immature. that makes another downvote

I think woolly should make what they want, and if it ends up being difficult so be it.

eh, pretty easy to see that when you shoot the black nothing happens, and when you shoot the bosses red weak points there is slight screen shake and a visual notifier that you dealt damage in the form of the boss flashing. 

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I killed Satan and got possessed by Garfield

It is cool, but it's more of an aesthetic change than a dimensional one