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Thanks for the heads 馃憤馃憤

I loved the game and I'm eagerly waiting for the next update since months please give us an update about the progress report or you have dumped the project....

Thanks.. I've played this version 馃憤

Could you please make me remind where did the game ended..I played the game a long ago so I've forgotten that I have played this version or not.. thank you

Are you gonna upload the update for 2nd version it's 4th Oct today I'm waiting eagerly.... It has an eextraordinary concept it

Billy the game is awesome and it's quite a different theme and plot from all the games that I have played. The story, concept everything is phenomenal. Pls give out the next version soon I'm eagerly waiting for it.

Vilelab please upload the game for Android and please update the version it shows aka chapter 6 but ended very soon. By the way amazing work loved the concept and the content and visuals are awesome keep it up.

Just please update the development log for the next version I'm waiting for the update for more than 4 months. I'm in love with story and game pls update soon

Could you please upload more content for Android and it shows aka chapter 6 but ended with the Russian stuff.