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A great game made with the libGDX framework. Also encouraged me to continue working with it. Played for a while and it's really good. I will spend more time on this game.

Wow i am so happy to hear it, thank you so much

Yet again an amazing 3d stuff. I am really always being impressed with this kind of code-work to run smoothly in the browser. Great game, just amazing.

Super design of a game. I love car racing games. It combines all my favorite games with advanced dynamics (road fighter:nes, revolt, overlander:commodore 64, chase hq). The A.I. programming is awesome. Physic responses are flawless. Car graphics are fun.
The only thing I can expect is maybe a better GUI for the menus, but I can really understand that due to the limited development time.
Finished the race :) its challenging, I love the gameplay.
It's one of my favorite games for this jam. Great great great job, solid work.

Good movement programming. I need better skills to catch runaway time from the shock wave coming from the ground that kills the character.
I like the game, cool effort 

haha  very good game with the graphics and the logic. As someone who is not good at strategy games, I need some more practice. I will train myself by playing it more. I find it much fun and interesting to play :)
Great effort, real nice game :)

I love all kinds of neon light visuals in video games. So it's all cool digital art on the game. made me really smile with the "I am wiggling " fishes :D
the music flows good with the game atmosphere too. Nice one.

I can't thank you enough for your never ending support and spending your time for playing my games. Cheers ;)

I confess the biggest effort on the game was programming the mechanics (especially air mechanics). So now this made me feel great to hear your positive feedback. I appreciate your time to play. thanks :)

heheh I recognised it too after i finished coding and doing the beta tests. combo jumps are fun :) thank you a lot for playing.

wow I am really glad to hear this. thank you so much from the heart. I appreciate it a lot, your support since from the beginning is so meaningful my friend, cheers.

I love the idea. nice character design. cool world graphics. nice music. Nothing to complain about. I also love the idea for control. (the "hold button for longer jump" kind of mechanic is flawlessly implemented) 10 over 10 for me. good job.

thank you really very much. appreciate your time to play :)

thank you so much for playing and your time :) surely i will consider your ideas for the future versions ;)

wow sailor's theme. ships, sea... it has everything i love. and yes 3d. I'm really amazed to see the potential of libGDX. great game

I truly love this game. I love platformers and pixel-art. It's perfect fit for me :) very good. great work ;)

looks like your IDE is trying to help you about making some good tomato paste. all you need is a "jar"

Ok first comment for the first entry :) The inverted mouse controls are interesting :) the nodes of skeleton arms are well designed. I actually like it, this game idea is very open for extending into a full game.
I confess I was expecting the skeleton to have a full body in the end.
But let's call it for the episode 2 :)
Heheh anyway nice work :)
respect 😃👍

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wow :) so happy to hear that. I appreciate your kind words and time to play :) 
i wish you the best and a happy new year by the way ;) ı use my own tunes for the games. If you want to hear more, i usually post my music here

this looks very interesting for a space shooter fan like me.

sure, im on discord. 

I feel honored of your thoughts. Thank you so much again.  

Yeah I'm the composer, programmer, visual art designer, beta tester and the player of my games heheh :)

I compose music in various genres like psy/goa/uplifting trance, drum&bass, synthwave, ambient.

Hi, thanks a lot. I'm using Fl Studio version 11 and 12. Actually I use that software since from the times it's name was fruity loops 3. I used a few trackers in commodore 64 many many years ago. I produce music since 19 years or maybe more as far as i can remember. 
If you want to hear more of the tunes i compose I can share my soundcloud page.

hey, it's really so meaningful to hear that. Thank you really so much for your time to play. I'm a forever fan of Commodore64, Amiga computers :)

I just feel our styles of game development are very close. I love your mechanics and controls. And you really do great work about the collisions. Nice graphics too.
Always a pleasure to play your games :) Happy New Year my friend

oh, big big big thanks for your awesome commend and playing my game :) those boxes are still experimental :D have no function except floating around :) Have a great and happy New Year my friend :)

😊👍 cheers my friend

wow I like the idea :D Cool graphics. Need to think well before the moves :)
Nice work.

Soooo good. You have improved yourself a lot since after your last game.
This work has been a great example of a game with simple graphics can be still so much fun. Graphics seem simple but yet they are very artistic, i can feel the atmosphere of the game. Great level design by the way. The music is cool. Mechanics are very smooth for me. I downloaded the windows version. I had a webGL version problem in chromium and firefox (No problem since I never use firefox for playing games due to the speed).
For me I don't need any instructions, the game is extremely simple to understand, just do the combat with pests, keep exploring.
I say this to you, keep doing what you are doing here. You are absolutely in the right direction. I love this game ;)

super awesome :)

great game. love the mechanics.

nice game, even if its short i enjoyed playing. I can imagine it will be really something good to spend time when its extended with more levels. Nice story by the way. (Good handling of memory management with lots of enemy sprites drawn) I love the atmosphere with that low resolution theme.

You are right. I also thought of making this online multiplayer with more character choice, different weapons, stages etc..

Big thanks for playing 👍😉

:) my apologizes, the A.I. needs some fixing. I tried to make something not very easy but i guess it went the opposite direction. I will make a more balanced difficulty in next versions 😁👍 thank you so much for your time

i love box2d + libGDX. Box2d is a mysterious world to explore..

I listened to your advice and changed the fire button to space 😉 cpu seems to have some advantage 😁 

Thank you again very much for your time 👍

Hey there, thanks a lot. Actually i began developing this one from scratch, then somehow it turned out to be a vs shooting/fight game :) Yeah it also reminded me of my previous game Banana Rumble :D but more of John Wick style :P

Haha. nice, the egg character is funny :) Good physics by the way. I like the level design. Cool game :) 

That zebra pilot :D and those passengers. They calm down when going up, scream when trying to get coins which are almost at zero level on the sea. And that joke about attitude of the plane (unity) really make me laugh.

thanks for the fun :)