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😊👍 cheers my friend

wow I like the idea :D Cool graphics. Need to think well before the moves :)
Nice work.

Soooo good. You have improved yourself a lot since after your last game.
This work has been a great example of a game with simple graphics can be still so much fun. Graphics seem simple but yet they are very artistic, i can feel the atmosphere of the game. Great level design by the way. The music is cool. Mechanics are very smooth for me. I downloaded the windows version. I had a webGL version problem in chromium and firefox (No problem since I never use firefox for playing games due to the speed).
For me I don't need any instructions, the game is extremely simple to understand, just do the combat with pests, keep exploring.
I say this to you, keep doing what you are doing here. You are absolutely in the right direction. I love this game ;)

super awesome :)

great game. love the mechanics.

nice game, even if its short i enjoyed playing. I can imagine it will be really something good to spend time when its extended with more levels. Nice story by the way. (Good handling of memory management with lots of enemy sprites drawn) I love the atmosphere with that low resolution theme.

You are right. I also thought of making this online multiplayer with more character choice, different weapons, stages etc..

Big thanks for playing 👍😉

:) my apologizes, the A.I. needs some fixing. I tried to make something not very easy but i guess it went the opposite direction. I will make a more balanced difficulty in next versions 😁👍 thank you so much for your time

i love box2d + libGDX. Box2d is a mysterious world to explore..

I listened to your advice and changed the fire button to space 😉 cpu seems to have some advantage 😁 

Thank you again very much for your time 👍

Hey there, thanks a lot. Actually i began developing this one from scratch, then somehow it turned out to be a vs shooting/fight game :) Yeah it also reminded me of my previous game Banana Rumble :D but more of John Wick style :P

Haha. nice, the egg character is funny :) Good physics by the way. I like the level design. Cool game :) 

That zebra pilot :D and those passengers. They calm down when going up, scream when trying to get coins which are almost at zero level on the sea. And that joke about attitude of the plane (unity) really make me laugh.

thanks for the fun :)

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Really cool graphics. Super smooth physics. I can clearly say I love it. I am a crazy fan for space shooters so this is absolutely my cup of tea.

Nice top down game. Something that i always want to make. 

Ok it's really fun :) interesting type of control but makes it even more entertaining.
Cool game :)

Nice idea. A bit hard to control until i get used. But i really like it. Nice graphics and physics by the way.

Super awesome. Addictive for me. I will keep this forever. Absolutely my type of gameplay and the music RoCKS!

10/10 ;) love it

Actually i wanted to make the fire button as space but sometimes in browsers it needs extra effort for focus. 

Thank you for playing

Thank you so much for playing and your time. Lets call it close to zero gravity then 😅

Nice I always enjoy tetris like games. Thanks for the fun :)

thanks a lot my friend. I confess it's a rush game finished in just 1 night. Thank you very much for playing :) have a great day

I really love this. Enjoyed playing a lot, nice to answer questions for getting advanced :) I didn't have problem with the isometric camera. Also no crash on windows 7 machine with chrome browser.
Once again, well done my friend

i confess i couldn't do well with the controls programming :)

wow thank you so much. Actually my effort was a sport game physics prototype. Very happy to hear that :)

Controls : Just Move Mouse Up & Down for movement.

Click for Shoot.

Thank you so much for playing and taking your time.

Thank you very much :) The most time consuming effort in coding was to arrange a natural A.I. for the combat with enemies. I'm very happy to hear that :)

it has so much potential. very promising work. i will be looking forward to see more from you 👍

This is one nice example to a good platformer. I like the character's dark atmosphere with the colours and fashion. Solid effort. I'm happy to play this one, thank you ;)

This is something really going directly into my type of game choice. I love the action, No need to even mention how creative artistic style it has. I definitely love the drawing, the environment, choice of different weapons. The enemies are also well designed to keep the adrenaline pumping :) Thanks for the fun....

It is great. A bit difficult for me but this makes it even more fun. Its a game to always play even after once you finish.
Good work ;)

Interesting. The atmosphere is really giving chills. Nice to play.

thank you from the heart ;) I will try to add some more combos next time, like punch and throw. Happy to know you enjoy, appreciate your time and commend :)

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my collisions didnt improve so much. I'm still not satisfied. I respect your work here.I can say this is one of my personal favorites ;)

It's addictive. Simple and fun :) Nice work

Big thanks for playing and reviewing. Yeah sure i will try to add an exra life ;)

You know this game is a perfect example of what i always tried to achieve with 2d platformers. Everything is great for me the controls, the hitboxes. The graphics. Very smooth mechanic works like a charm. Nice story, interesting character design. I seriously love this effort.

This game absolutely has an amazing art style. Controls are ok. Also it is really unique with the story and characters. Great work.