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this is beyond awesome for me. I love the Alien Covenant and Event Horizon vibes it has. really good.

Much thanks and best wishes :)

Thank you so much, sad I couldn't have enough time to make it a full game. But still thank you from the heart for checking.

Nice implementation of physics. Really cool dynamics. Visual art is very very impressive.

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Great I am really happy you beat the A.I. :) thanks for playing

super super super fun, so creative idea. Really great. And love the way  Frenchzebutt annoys us by ruining our drawings :D

I remember the mobile Java game I played around 2008, which I enjoyed a lot, it was a Garfield themed game. similar logic (turn based strategy I guess).

good game, and your intros are always genius :)

Altough it will take some time for me to figure out the controls, the game is really very well designed. I respect so much to 3d games made with libGDX. this is really great work. I will practice more with it.

Nice game

I can't find words to describe how much I like this game. It's really fantastic. first of all I really love platformers. And the graphics are so cool, main character is so awesome. By the way I also love the cracking effect when you fall on the ground after  a jump.

fun graphics :) nice game

so nice idea, I really like it. the A.I. is smart. cool mechanics, easy controls. very good game. If you add a second player (human multiplayer) it will be even more awesome.

Cool, I love the simplistic aspect on pixels :) its addictive and fun. nice work :)

For a shooter game addict like me this is so amazing, so awesome so good. so best :) i will keep playing it
great great great game 

For many reasons this game is awesome, first of all programming wise it's amazing to see the great handling of drawing so high number of sprites. the second; art is very good. I like the main character and the enemies. a game which is really out of the box

you are very welcome to play :) the enemies became a bit more powerful than I expect :D

:) hey thank you so much for playing. it has been a very "challenging" game :D hehe.

great :) it's really nice to hear you could beat the game. I was a bit worried i made an impossible game :)
anyway thank you so much for playing

I thank you very much for playing. The A.I got more powerful than I expected. 

thank you sooo much :) I appreciate your time to play

great its a good score since the game is hard to play ;) the slide sound fx behaves different in the html version than the desktop. In desktop mode it stops when you jump or lose. 

Thank you so much for playing :)

Hey thank you for playing. I couldnt make the mechanics as i wish coz i couldnt use the time good enough. Still needs refinement.

thank you really so much :)

It's still very cool, don't worry future developments will make it even better ;)

Great size of game world. So nice character design. I love the boss-fight and music. Everything is great :)

pure awesomeness. worked with no problem in chromium/archlinux for me. Great game.

wow as a 2d vs fighting game addict like me, this is a perfect choice of development. Great animations.

Nice idea, could't manage to collect focused number of cats but I will keep trying.

:) I have designed the snowman with a very ancient software from 98-2001. It's Ulead Cool 3d. Thank you so much for your time to play. I am uploading a more advanced version of the game now.

hey thank you so much

A great game made with the libGDX framework. Also encouraged me to continue working with it. Played for a while and it's really good. I will spend more time on this game.

Wow i am so happy to hear it, thank you so much

Yet again an amazing 3d stuff. I am really always being impressed with this kind of code-work to run smoothly in the browser. Great game, just amazing.

Super design of a game. I love car racing games. It combines all my favorite games with advanced dynamics (road fighter:nes, revolt, overlander:commodore 64, chase hq). The A.I. programming is awesome. Physic responses are flawless. Car graphics are fun.
The only thing I can expect is maybe a better GUI for the menus, but I can really understand that due to the limited development time.
Finished the race :) its challenging, I love the gameplay.
It's one of my favorite games for this jam. Great great great job, solid work.

Good movement programming. I need better skills to catch runaway time from the shock wave coming from the ground that kills the character.
I like the game, cool effort 

haha  very good game with the graphics and the logic. As someone who is not good at strategy games, I need some more practice. I will train myself by playing it more. I find it much fun and interesting to play :)
Great effort, real nice game :)

I love all kinds of neon light visuals in video games. So it's all cool digital art on the game. made me really smile with the "I am wiggling " fishes :D
the music flows good with the game atmosphere too. Nice one.

I can't thank you enough for your never ending support and spending your time for playing my games. Cheers ;)

I confess the biggest effort on the game was programming the mechanics (especially air mechanics). So now this made me feel great to hear your positive feedback. I appreciate your time to play. thanks :)

heheh I recognised it too after i finished coding and doing the beta tests. combo jumps are fun :) thank you a lot for playing.

wow I am really glad to hear this. thank you so much from the heart. I appreciate it a lot, your support since from the beginning is so meaningful my friend, cheers.