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do you have any plans to make elf foes?

dont know why.

why does not the lightning Trap Y have animation?

moving guard(static units) belongs to an early version feature, and it is no longer needed now. However, I forgot to remove this functionality. 

Thank you very much for pointing out this issue. 

Yes, It should be English as default.

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the default language is Chinese, you can change it to English in the option menu.

it works right now. thanks.

Create Event:


Step Event:


Draw GUI Event:


Hi, I got this asset at YOYO store a long time ago, but it seems like you are more active around here, so I asked the question here.

I need to restart the game to see what I changed in ui.lua file. I don't know where I went wrong.

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Can't buy your assets.

how could I make the ball stop bouncing?

do you have any plans to make some tool buildings like Furnaces or Forges?

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ok, and I cannot buy your assets via paypal, but I can buy other people's assets. I don't know why.

I hope you can make your assets on the Unity store as soon as possible.

cannot buy via paypal.

Hi, I have one question before buying. do the hero characters have the farm animations and the craft animations or are these animations only for special npcs?

The Paypal said I need to add a credit card before buying. but I don't use any credit cards at all. I don't know why! btw, other assets that I bought before didn't need a credit card to pay.  weird!

Can't buy it .

the death animations are only one frame and look a little weird except that this is a cool monsters pack.

Wow, really cool. but I still hope you could make a new pack for special characters like wizards, priests, etc.

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could you make some extra characters for existing packs? like a human wizard or a priest. etc.


hi, I have two of your asset packs and I am going to buy the whole bundle, but I don't want to buy the human and the  undead twice, could you make another bundle without the human and the undead packs?

finally, read some of your asset codes and I got a way to deal with this. cool!

Hi, one question, how can I get a custom property of tiles?

wow, you are a great man.

hi, i hope you can make the monk body and the spell effects of the sp_attack in two layers, that must be cool.

Hi, Cant download this asset.

really cool.

Hi, I am wondering do the doors can only be opened in the top and down directions?

only walk animations for these characters?

hi, English is not my native language, sometimes I dont know which word I should use to express my thoughts. 

I bought most of your assets, they are really cool, but all your assets are dark style. could you make same light(or right) style towers?

need more, really good.

I don't know why I can't buy your asset via paypal?

Wow! waiting for a discount.

I bought this asset, then I found there are no hurt and dead animations.


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I don't do the second step, it is working good right now. thanks.

hi, I bought your pro version four hours ago, I tested the Dead Cells and Platform demos, all room prefabs in these demos are using Composite Collider 2d component, but when I run these demos which are using Platform Effector 2d component in runtime instead. 

so the character cannot collider with the platform correctly.

I cant find where to fix this problem. could you please fix it as soon as possible, and send it to me?

my English is really bad, hope you can understand what I mean! thanks.