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When you die, go back to the room where you're trapped.

socorroo! estou trabalhando forçado...

Thank you bro  :)

Thanks :)

Thank you, this sequel to Poop Killer is really pornographic hahaha... I'm glad you liked it my friend.

Thanks, this bug is now resolved.

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I always create my games with a lot of love and madness...  unfortunately it's impossible to please everyone.

Let's go Broo

Next game I will definitely need it :) Thanks

I had problems with copyright, I had to remove 2 songs.

I think there was a bug, there's a save right in the chase part... I'll fix that.

Coming soon...

Thanks dude

Thanks bro

Thanks my friend :)

I will release an update for it.

Tks bro!

On youtube it's ok, but on Twitch it can give problems.

Glad you liked it bro! haha ha

I love it!  :)

Hell yeahh bro!

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Obrigado amigo :)

I'm Brazilian, the characters that appear in the game are people who are my patrons.

Thanks man :)

Muitos youtubers gravaram sem nenhum problema com direitos. Não sei por qual motivo aconteceu isto.

I'm sorry about that friend, I'll change the sound.

Just download the .zip file, unzip and run the "Blood Burger .exe" file

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you my friend :)

Thanks my friend :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you, whenever you need you can ask.

Hello, thanks friend, I need all the help possible... modeling, creating scenarios, scripts... If you work in any of these areas I'm very happy to receive your help.

When a dialog is activated, the camera is in a fixed position. Simply click on the arrow (>) to proceed with the dialog.

Thanks bro :)

Thank you my friend.

Olá, é por causa da resolução de tela. Postei uma correção, pode testar agora?

Thanks man, there was a small bug with the endings but I'm already fixing it. Thanks for the support my friend!

I post the game free for the first 1000 downloads, I like to give everyone the opportunity to play. But this is my job.

I'm a big fan of Puppet Combo.