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A member registered Aug 06, 2017

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New version! Will try it out immediately

Apologies if this is rude, but just a bump to remind you to upload the new builds to itch. 

Thanks for the quick response.

I will def give it another whirl when it updates, looking forwards to seeing all the changes you guys have made! I had forgotten about the game until recently, when I tried out touhou, and was like 'oh yeah I got this game last year lets try it out'. 

Some feedback:

The avaliable range of camera angles needs to be increased, I should always be able to see all the enemies, even in focus.

The early enemies have too much health, making them feel less like easy trash and more like boring mini-bosses. I shouldn't be shooting away at the first enemies for 20 seconds each to kill them.

Lag Optimisation: I can't play the game fullscreen on min graphics because it lags a lot.

Difficulty Curve: Half of the early encounters have easily seen safe spots that make them free, and the other half are basically just those + target shots, which make them a lot harder. The early encounters need working on.

Where should I contact you guys if I find bugs?