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Thanks & I'm looking forward to it.

I cannot wait for the full game!  Looks great!

Same here, even if I zip it myself.

I noticed that I get all consonants quite a bit in the game with no way to make a word.  Is there any way around this?  Also, the enemy that you are calling Consan-Ant is actually a spider.  It has 8 legs in the graphic.

10 more minutes....

Such pleasing sound effects & graphics.  I'm excited for this release.  I hope it's released today!


THIS type of game is the reason I waited a little over a year for a Playdate console.  Can't wait for the release!

$6.66 USD - I see what you did there.  Looks like a quality game.  Insta-buy!  

Ditto that

Congrats on the new addition to your family!  Keep up the great work on the game.  I cannot wait to buy it!

Is there a newer version of the game? This one's not compatible with the latest Playdate os.

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Is there a newer version? This one does not work with the latest version of Playdate os.

"Updated 68 days ago" - It's been a while.  Any ETA on the release?