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Super fun game!

Thanks for the feedback guys!

@BottledMajesticness I was hoping this problem had went away in dev, seems in hasn't. In code I only use the correct colour scheme, but when the font is placed down it does weird antialiasing that messes up the colours. Had no idea how to fix so I just left it in. Sorry!

Sorry, forgot to add that I had no problems with sounds, just incase you weren't sure. No real music tho, but yeah, sound.

Woahhhh super polished entry! Take a basic game, now add a tonne of particles sound effects trails and awesomeness. Didn't realise you could dash with right click, super cool gameplay. +1

Graphics worked, like the lil character. Sometimes collisions/jumping felt a little odd/difficult, very frustrating doing a level multiple times and falling off at the same place haha. Neat game :)

"Choo choo here comes the pain train." :P

Such an awesome game dude. Characters were pretty awesome, dialogue was great, core gameplay was nice and graphics were on point. Loved the shooting animation, so much better than staying on the grid view and showing little tiny bullets!

Woahhh this music in this is so neat. Really felt as if every click actually influenced the music too, it wasn't like the music was just in the background, it was well linked with the gameplay. Neat concept of having the people reflect the score. I got 794 but I reckon I could do better if I played it for ages haha. Nice one!

Woah, super neat entry! Very impressive polish and art, particles everywhere, super cool. The dog jumping one was nice but didn't really seem like it was getting faster? Maybe I didn't play that one for long enough. Awesome entry, I envy your skill with pixels! :D

Awesome game! I wasn't great at it, got 1924 and top speed was 6 (maybe that is good? dunno?). Music was nice and sufficiently boppy :) Graphics were simple and minimalist, I liked the boat trail. Good mechanic balancing speed with score :)

Huh, from the screenshots and description this looked like a really nice game, with cool art. Unfortunately when I went to play it, the (little) window flickers on and off every half a second, so I couldn't play it. Pity I couldn't give a rating, do you have an executable?

Didn't really get it, I cut down a tree, but didn't understand the rest. :)

Probably the best game I have played from this jam yet. I really, really love this, and played it for ages. I had to look at the instructions, which I initially found confusing, but quickly picked up. The game can get pretty crazy, which is fun (screeny :D). One tiny criticism is that it can get confusing where the 'goal' tile is, when everything around it is the same colour, and is crowding it. Maybe make that graphic stand out a little more, and work on changing other graphics as well. Other than that, 5/5. Nice work.

Hey, great game! My top score was 686. Really neat, simple concept. I really liked how the game got harder not because of more enemies, but a tighter enviroment. It felt a little hectic a times, in a good way! Neat work.

Great idea for an engine! Having the world be effected in two different modes is a nice thought. I can imagine this being really fun when puzzles have to be solved through changing entity behavior (making enemies passive, make a computer in the room turn on). Great work!

Thanks so much Matthew! This is really exciting for me. Cheers!