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I Feel like this is the greatest sleeper hit RPG that I've Ever seen! Now I'm Gonna travel the earth, searching for a physical copy of this to enshrine for future Generations!

Nice! Death in Space deserves more dedicated content. I'm looking forward to when this supplement comes out.

My copy arrived in the mail today! Thank you! The pamphlet looks even more impressive in person.

I was being unfair about the rating earlier. After rereading the rules, it clicked. I apologize for not offering criticism or even discussing it.

Good luck with your studies. Conceptually it's pretty great. I hope you're able to return to it when time allows.

Good to see an old favorite come back in a different form.

Inspired design, especially the second page. It practically bleeds style.

I really like the fifties pamphlet design and the back and forth comments written within.

An excellent addition to Cy. There's bound to be some horrible unspeakable things surviving down there.

Great spin on an infamous urban legend.

Great spin on an infamous urban legend.

Mini games are always awesome.

Mini games are always awesome.

This class is pretty great. Really fits the Cy_Borg setting well.

Thanks again for taking the time to put these zines together. Your group always manages to bring something cool to the game.

Instantly a 5 star addition to the game!

Thank you for putting this game together. It's beautiful and tragic and it brought a smile to face. Something rarely accomplished but often appreciated.

Thank you,  hideous cave goblin! You didn't have to do it, but I sincerely thank you for sharing the music.

I love this game, but what is the song at the concert?! It's amazing!

I bought this on Drivethrurpg, but I wanted to give the game props on Itch, too!

A truly Magnificent work this is!