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a room where one of the sides has a tunnel with, in order, a crate, a target, nothing, and another target

a big room with just a crate in the center

if i added a gimmick to them, then that would mean that i wouldnt be using the sokoban levels

yes, i did make a game before that was just one sokoban level, but the level was so hard that it deserved to be its own game

the alternative is making them their own game, or adding them to another game, but the latter would just move the problem, and the former doesnt feel right

you really think so? well then

also this message is the same ruleset as mine so im not going to count it

oh, sorry, i didnt notice your message earlier about doors, let me just find the code rq

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its not


still isn- ok im joking its solvable now :)

still isnt

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so i tried using a solver on it and there isnt actually a solution



so i found a bug in level 19 where you can jump off the corner of a block and it makes you jump super high and you go in the portal

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why is there energy in level 14?

you're including this feature?



congratulations! time for level 2


and sorry about the long rant, i tend to do that sometimes... :S

oh, alright, thats fair :) (and yes there will be original mechanics, dont you worry)

oh, sorry about that, i was in a rush and i thought this was a different game because i played it again and didnt check who made it or even the title... ill fix it now :/

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oh, wait, nevermind, its fixed (you just forgot to update this page :P)

nice game! i really like how you are combining crates in different ways in this series, i look forward to the triquel!

0.001 feels good for me

yeah, i had a feeling you would say that, im perfectly ok with the updated idea :)

So you know that original Pushy-V Pully-H mechanic? Well, what if there was a way to merge 2 crates into one? So for example you can turn a One Push Crate and an Ice Crate into a One-Pushy-V Slidey-H Crate. The possibilities are (not) endless!

holes! you can fall in, crates can fall in, you can walk on crates that fell in, whats not to love? oh, and different crates turn into different floors, so for example an ice crate turns into an ice floor (yes i got the idea from temperature inc :P)

cool game, but can you make the again interval lower? it feels less like im moving really fast and more like a generic sliding puzzle game

cool game! :)

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cant wait to see what you can do in the sequel, its already pretty awesome :)

nice concept! it seems strangely familiar though...

...hey, by any chance, have you played

i dont think m should be the second action because it also mutes the game

sounds cool, im in

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not to brag, but uh... i have 929

aw, i didnt even know you hosted jams! i even got an idea for the 4k theme :(

...wait, you only have 4k views?