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Phenomenal game! The controls feel so good, and concept is so inventive!.

What a wonderful relaxing experience! 

absolutely amazing! love the puzzles and the aesthetic of the game!

This game is phenomenal! Whoa! I love just walking through all the paths and looking at the meditative landscape. So beautiful!

Ok this game is WAY too addicting. 10/10


wonderful game in every way!

phenomenal game!! Such a powerful story.


incredibly fun!!

wonderful concept!! really enjoyed it!

phenomenal game! I really enjoyed the story and the vibe!

what an inventive game! really enjoyed this!

what a great game! simple and powerful premise!

excellent animation!

oh my gosh this game is amazing!! stunning soundtrack, great story, so original in every way!

this concept is great! so creative! really fun experience!

lovely little experience!

Amazing game!! what a fun quirky premise!

stellar game! such beautiful artwork and the controls are really intuitive!

great game!! super fun concept!

whoa this game is stellar! love the songs and story!

stellar game! really enjoyed it!

great game!!! super fun premise! 

really fun turn based game! really impressed by this one! love the concept of the reactor in the middle becoming unstable.

phenomenal game!! really enjoyed it! Gives a great sense of exploration and love the whole vibe too. Really fun paying attention to guards and sentries to get that perfect moment to suprise them!

my gosh this is so amazing!!! kudos to the devs!

amazing stuff! really unique experience

lovely calm game! really enjoyed it!

legit so amazing!! looking forward to the full release!!

This a stellar! straightfoward and very effective, the atmsophere is stunning too!

amazing game! So straightforward and compelling, kudos!

what a lovely game!! such an inventive platformer, and also really meditative in a unique way!

lovely experience!! the windows xp vibe is strong

stellar game! really great controls, smart level design, great theme, really enjoyable experience overall!

what a stellar game! Thoroughly enjoyed this, what a fun concept and great platformer!

stellar game! this made me so happy when I played it <3

this game is such a great time! The level generation works great, really felt like a super mega long mario level. Will definitely follow for updates!

phenomenal!! what a creative game!

fantastic game! such a lovely concept and stellar visuals & audio.