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​Nice job. Well designed puzzles. Really enjoyed playing this even though I’m not yet done.

This was really challenging until I stopped thinking about numbers and maths. It makes you think differently.

Thanks for the reply. I use an external keyboard every time I want to play local multiplayer.

player 1 uses arrows and space and v player 1 uses w,a,s,d and f,g player 3 uses i,j,k,l and o,p player 4 uses 4,e,r,t and y,u

I love this game and the multiplayer mode is amazing. I had a wonderful game one afternoon with my friends playing this and the split screen is really intuitive. But with keyboards only you can only have two players so a fourth keyboard layout would be nice. Just amazing!!!

I love it the movement feels so smooth, the pets are so cute and i like how they evolve like Pokémon. The only issue I have is a flickering effect on my screen but I think it is an issue with gamemaker’s v-sync. But other than that i love the colours and the final battle scene (It is really intense).

I also got the game from the randomizer. And I love it 😁. I love how well the characters designed and how they contrast against the dry terrain.

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Thank you so much for making this charming game you made me have such a lovely time. One suggestion -> you should add some checkpoints in the lake so you don’t have to retry all the time. Otherwise It was amazing