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the patreon is still technically operational but monthly releases have not happened for a while. Currently I am working on a collection of all the so far published pamphlets into zines.

this may sound silly but I would love to see this in print!

Assuming you encounter all of them once 30.5 bears.

If you are ever so inclined to describe how this went with you either as judge or player please do respond below.

Hey there doesn't appear to be a purchase/download option on this page. That seems like a shame because I want to give this a look through!

I would love for you to share your translation! However my one request is that your translation be either free or pay what you want as I never want my writing to be put behind a paywall.

It's so cool to see other people inspired by my work! I wish you the best of luck on all your endeavors!

The way i use them the tics are something they have regardless of infection, but you can run it however you want.

I have always wanted to run a mausritter game in a state park that I grew up around. The park has a section of it called rattlesnake bar. I think I know what I am using for that when it finally does happen.

It is fully compatible with 1e.


Hey, would there be a way or place where I could get that frogman pattern used in the PDF. I really want to use it as my desktop background but have been having trouble getting it to tessalate.

I will have to reformat my zine. I think that will be a go-to once I finish off a little location tied up with magic.

No what ends up being the process is that you add the result of what you do to the d4 to the result of a d12 roll. As an example let's say you roll a 4 on the d4 and a 7 on the d12 you subtract 1 from the d4 result, getting you 3. You multiply the 3 by 12 to get 36 and then you add 36 to the result of the d12 making it so you add 7 + 36= 43.