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Absolutely loved it from start to finish!
Great characters, drawings, sound design and a wonderful, kind story.

It wasn't what I expected it to be. It was exactly what I needed.

Amazing art style and animation. Very nice music. Surprisingly nice and interesting story!

It was a lot of fun to accidentally notice something change in the forest while I wasn't there - like that tavern window. Would be nice to see more of those changes as well as some minor ones here and there happening along with quests progress. Also some hidden secrets in such a game would be a fantastic addition.

Would love to see different zoom options and animations along with images in the gallery.

Thanks for another great update!

Great writing, visuals and sound effects. Amazing music, I really liked the Garage background music. This game really brought the nostalgia for old console games.

The controls are very nice, and the fact that you've implemented the backwards walking is great. Good effort. Animations are nice too.

Moveable objects are (probably deliberately) made a bit more "pale" compared to non-moveable, which is a fun touch if is on purpose.

Suggestion: please, while interacting, make Spacebar not instantly skip the line of text, but finish it instead.
Sometimes text moves a bit too slow, or I skip the text accidentally.

Found possible error: while moving shelves you can trigger the animation while moving orthogonally to the pushing path.

Found this demo among others in Haunted PS1 Disc.
Great demo, can't wait for the updates.

Great dialogues and sound effects.
Truly felt like a mouse while playing.
A real shame this project will never be completed (?)