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this was a great read.  my favorite  bit is the defamiliarization that accompanies the drawing on page 20. the way things are described feels so alien, which really puts you into the shoes of the main character. 

i played this with my friends and let me say i completely underestimated the pure amount of joy that would come out of such a short pdf about a house-- and this is coming from a haunted house fanatic! the writing is short but SO effective and it asked the right questions to get my friends and me fleshing out our two story house, the top floor of which we never got to explore sadly because we came crashing through the flimsy stair steps into a closet containing a santa animatronic which proceeded to terrorize us. it was an absolute ride and we plan on playing another game, hopefully soon! 

the only issue we ran into during our game was that the instructions weren't clear enough. half way through the house exploration, we realized that we only needed to be drawing one card for each room instead of one card from every player every time we entered a new room. also, none of us had been keeping track of what cards we got every time we drew them so when we needed to see which suit appeared the most to determine the ending, we did a mad scramble to remember them. these won't affect our next playthrough or future ones now that we've got the hang of it but they did halt our gameplay just a bit. 

whenever i read something, i struggle to retain the information that i just consumed. it immediately slips out of my mind but i believe that this little game will be an exception. it was a mere two pages that will honestly stick with me for a long time and i can see myself playing this once quarantine is lifted and and i can finally go outside again, i'll appreciate each passerby through the lens of this book. 

i rarely see any games that were illustrated with the hard brush, and so beautifully too! if i'd never been able to play this game, i don't think i would've ever attempted drawing a background with one, but seeing the art style gave me hope that it's possible to make detailed backgrounds with such a small brush. the sprites were also one of my favorite aspects of this game! so expressive. it was really refreshing to see that you put body language into the sprites instead of simply changing just the facial expression to convey emotions.

i downloaded this for the art but i also found myself enjoying the dialogue and these characters. great work!!!