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Good question.


Thank you for the feedback, yeah thinking back I'd have made a lot of things different but it still was a nice experience making a game for a gamejam. Learning by Doing. A lot more projects are already on their way:).

Thank you for your kind words.


Thx:), good to hear that the atmosphere turned out well.

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Awesome! Good to know that I achieved my goal^^. Thank you for your kind words.




Thank you for featuring my game in your video!!!

I'm aware of the bug but I don't know how to fix it, but I appreciate your feedback, thx for playing it!

I'm glad it turned out that way:).

Awesome, thank you for your support!

Sry for the late answer, but the emergency kit appears next to you when you equip it. Ofc, if you move away you'll have trouble finding it, also try to find a dark line on the floor (a path), you don't really need to fix the visor in order to progress actually, but it sure is a helpful thing to fix it. Good Luck on your next playthrough I guess^^.


Thx for playing it and the feedback <3.


Dope game. The sounddesign is pretty haunting, well done.

(Sry for the late answer) likely a bug, but it can also be an external issue like a problem with the screen, windows or so... Don't know any solution for that issue, after all it is the first of its kind. Sry.


thanks a lot for playing it, I haven't released any other games yet, how ever, I'm already working on a new one. Some more infos will follow soon.

I see, well depending on what text you read some errors might have been on purpose and others not. English is not my main langauge so sorry for any actual errors, I try my best to fix them. Yeah the project size is huge, I've tried my best to compress it as much as possible, how ever I used large files without realising it so that's an issue.


Cool that you like it:).



Thanks for playing it, great that you like it. That "turbulence" effect is a style choice, I just thought it looks funky, it can add interesting effects to bit distant textures. I also wanted to add a twist to the classic pixelated/PS1 style visuals.

Oh, oh ok well then everything is fine. Yeah I increased walking speed, people complained too much about it being slow^^. I hope the walking being a bit faster is not irritating for you or so?

It should be 64 bit, but if it's not... well then I don't know why. The 64 bit setting was selected when exporting. I'll do some research on why this might be, thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for playing it, I appreciate your feedback.


All builds are now available again.

I've managed to upload an updated build, the rest is on the way. The upload got delayed due to an unexpected crash by my pc.

Thx for the feedback, yeah some complain about not being able to sprint, some don't. I personally don't care about such option, but I've noted your feedback. The uncertainties regarding the story are intended:). As far as I can tell, what is responsible for the disapearances is not human.

I've updated the builds, now you can download them.

Thank you very much, yes Godot is powerful. Am already working on my next game so keep an eye out for updates:).

Thank you for your feedback, great that you liked it.

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Thank you for your feedback, I'll keep such things in mind when making other games. It was my second game I've ever finished making so far so sure not everything is perfect. The crowbar may be in a hidden corner but it is actually not that difficult to find, I understand that it is difficult for somebody with bad vision to play the game, which is in generell an issue. I tried to make them stand up from lit up backgrounds. I should have added a hint regarding the crowbar... Oh yeah and indeed the story is crpytic, I don't want to spoiler everything, just gonna say that you have been consumed. Also thx for the gameplay, it was cool to watch somebody play the game.