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this game's so wholesome! It's fun to try to get to see diffrient scores and routes :)

I really enjoyed it, the game really shows how hard even every day things can be at times, also the boss battle had me on edge the whole time and was really well made too!

wait I think this is the sequel. ;v;

I thought the game would be just boring or something but I actually enjoyed it?? Seriously though, defenitly playing the sequel

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awesome game, can't wait for it to escalate even further

I downloaded the game several times 'couse I kept coming up with more things to check in the game or in the files x3
Anyway, I loved it! I already expected it too be unusual, but it was way more unexpected then I imagined...

I bet  a lot of people are comparing it to DDLC, but I was suprised how diffrient it was despite beeing of the same genra (the premise seems to be something a lot more positive and kind of heartwarming ;v; ).

I also find it amazing how I already feel pretty attached to two characters, including 'Haruka' already even with the game being so short.
(I also found Aiko and I'm so happy, she seems so nice)

Also, the first time I played the game the three characters that were shown for a couple of seconds I think were diffrient then the ones I saw in later playthroughs, as well as the backgrounds...
I'm assuming this is intentional, but is there a way to see them again?
unless my memory's playing tricks on me...

eyy me too ;v;