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It does say the min requirement is only 64-bit. What's your email and I'll process the refund.

Yep, the first and original reference that been in the game from the start was when the call happens with 'system failure'.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

You can't download? If you click the download button on top it should download automatically. 

Made a video of you playing the game or just a theory video. Post them here!


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General questions.

Try pushing F-11 when it's on full screen and that should switch to window mode :) 

I changed my mind :)

Steam is just easier if people have issues with the game they can refund it as Steam will do it. If it was on here and people had issues they would be waiting on me.

The expanded version is called the Directors Cut, and I'm very close to finishing it!

Nope, it will only be the full version. So make sure this version runs on your PC before you download/get the Director's Cut.

64-bit system.

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I would say Jump scares are subjective. I wouldn't say I have any in the game - it's more a psychological Horror game. However, I've seen people jump on this, so I would say - perhaps...

Pushing E - controls are written on the page

No, it's not out yet and it will cost money. 


This is getting fixed in the revamp (And things will be explained better - but still keeping some of the crypticness to keep people guessing about some things). 

I'm sorry that it wouldn't work for you in that case. I'll try and look into making it more assessable for old cards and intel HD cards in the Revamp version. 

It will be due to your graphics card most likely, try these -

Good idea, but I've already planned out what I am going to do for the revamp version :) thanks anyway.

Yes, no confirmed price yet but I'm not planning on it being crazy expensive.

Then be prepared! 

Hopefully it will still be as good as this version :) I hope to make it longer and there will be many more endings to enjoy with many secrets as well.

Glad to hear. Can't wait to share more of what I got planned!

I'll look into adding that into the Security Booth Revamp Version!

There isn't going to be a second game. I'm working on different horrors at the moment.

Next game isn't going to be security booth but I'll be coming back at some point. 2 other games that are different are coming first.

Make sure to read the Menu/UI Controls section of the game page. 

Honestly, it was because it sounded cool, just came to mind and I was like 'that will do'.

Nova Nexus was just something I came up with for the company name. It's not a real place.

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There is no mouse control in the menus. The controls for the menu are mentioned in the game controls on this page. E is to select option.

Any donations is basically going to make the next games better, hence why it's a choice as there is no obligation to do so.

you don't to have pay at all. Just do 0 if you want.

Understandable for sure. That ending is something I'm not happy with after seeing people play. Feedback for this is being used to improve my next games.

Its just me, so it's just a solo dev. Fear not. I have ideas but it will all depend on just what I make as I have tons of ideas I want to do and some might link and some might not.

Thanks for the kind words. No problem about the cars that was fixed in the update which was just over a week ago.

Sorry to hear about this. What graphic card do you have? I had the same thing with the build with Nvidia.