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Looks good, but too hard to control. Maybe I just didn't get it.

On-screen instructions on game start with game controls would be helpful

Wow, something new and innovative! Definitely keep up with this.

Main panpoint is that it doesn't start on linux from itch store. Says: "An error occurred while launching peg. No executables were found". But if if I open game folder and run "love ." in terminal, it starts fine. I suggest you to bundle game with love2d runtime to reach out more users.

Saves would be nice to have.

Also, it's a good game to spend time on mobile. Hope to see it on GooglePlay someday :)

I'd like to note that the whole idea and graphics are really cool.

But controls should definitely be reworked. I can't finish even first level of campaign, because I'm frustrated that I can't see enemies properly, and I clearly feel it's not my fault as a player.

IMO, this can be fixed by changing camera view to a range: from lower position (classical third person RPG view), where you can see horizon at least to 1/3 of the screen, to almost-RTS view, where you look at your character from above. Also, I'd prefer transiting between this views with mousewheel.

It also feels a bit slow on my Mobility Radeon HD 5450, even on 'fastest' settings, but this is not nearle as severe as camera issues.

Man, it has a lot of potential! Also, lowpoly. I love it!

Hope you can fix these issues to make gameplay a breeze.

Seen the trailer, and game looks very promising!

Do you have any plans on supporting Linux?

How to make the game even more depressing: when you outside and go to place where window should supposedly be, you see that the street view is only an image from some projector.

I have an idea for the voices around that label in the air: playing audiorecording of Josiph Brodskiy reading his poem "Don't leave your room, don't make a mistake". Or maybe in the hall, when you look at the door.

Hi! The game is really cool!

Would love to see it in russian.

Game doesn't run on my computer. Posted error log to pastebin:

Hope it helps