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i enjoyed this game it was welcome change of pace to other games i have recently played

Very fun scary little game

A fun little game

i loved this game it was a funny beautiful little game

I enjoyed this game it was very heart warming and i hope other people give it a chance.

I loved this game it bought back memories of the glory days of horror on the PS1

I lovw

There needs to be more beautiful looking games like this i loved it

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and hope there is more to come

Very fun game i enjoyed it alot and it also made me realise i would suck to be a dad atm lol

Very enjoyable experiance i liked it i just wish it was longer

I loved the art style and the game made me feel tense the whole time 

it was a incredibly fun and well made game and possibly the creepiest poo i have ever had

i loved the concept of being a cleaner it was very different and a very fun enjoyable horror experiance

i thoroughly enjoyed the game and had fun with it

i loved every moment of this, possibly because i'm from england lol

very fun game, sadly it has turned me of tinder now lol

weirdly enjoyable game lol

lovely fun christmassy game

Sheol community · Created a new topic fun horror experiance

fun game

very enjoyable game 

fun little game

very enjoyable experience 

fun little game but also it had me confused and lost lol

fun little game

very fun game, it also did well with building a tense atmosphere

funny little game

i loveed it, very enjoyable

fun gameboy style horror game :)

fantastic little horror game

one of the best moments in gaming

very fun little game

good little game

fun little game

i look forward to the full game

short but creepy

very enjoyable game :)

i love this game i look forward to some more games similar to this

fantastic little game  i enjoyed it :)

i loved it, it was very pretty to play aswell

i enjoyed this game loads, quite a lot of scary moments aswell