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Very fun and scary experience, great game

Fantastic game i really enjoyed it

Fantastic demo i enjoyed it

One of my favorite games on, a true masterpiece!

This game is actually terrifying

Great game, I'm never going to walk home alone again

I will never look at my dog the same ever again

This has to be my favorite series on by far i love the copperport casefiles!

One of the best games I've played on so far

Great fun i enjoyed this game

Scariest bus route ever

OMG this game is terrifying i love it

This was actually quite incredible, great work i enjoyed it

This was scary enough to put me of late night shopping

Okay the Demo got me excited to play this game when it comes out

One of the best games i've played this year im excited for the full release

Very fun and scary game you got me scared a few times

Great game it was actually scary

This game is actually tense and had me scared

Fantastic scary horror game

a very enjoyable game

Scary but fun shopping experience lol

This was a fun sequel i enjoyed it

This game was enjoyable i liked it

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This game is scary and fun i enjoyed it

A fun scary game, You scared me a few times

Very scary it had me a few times, great game

I really enjoyed it, keep up the good work :)

This game has made me scared of Hiking, i loved it, very enjoyable game

very fun game, at least i'm good at cleaning floors

This game genuinely scared me at times, I loved it well done

Very enjoyable experience i feel the atmosphere was spot on and it went well with the psx graphics

You wasn't kidding about it being the shortest horror game

Funny little game i really enjoyed the graphics and some of the scares took me by surprise 

Very enjoyable little game

i loved every moment of this, possibly because i'm from england lol

This was a truly fun little game that i really enjoyed

fantastic little game i enjoyed it

I really enjoyed it i look forward to more games like this

I really enjoyed this game