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what level is Yggdrasil?
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now it will
and also it will not let me do the 2nd evolution
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candidate recruitment + gives me 10 instead of 100 (i made this post 1 or 2 days ago and forgot to post it
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could you add a thingy to return to the part with crimes at the bottom of each chat because it is really annoying to have to scroll back  up to the top.
 *edit* and maybe an auto save
I GOT ALL 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah i have that same problem.

I just did a speed run through it in like 30 seconds probably less

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I did it in like somewhere between .90 - 1.75 minutes
I maxed out and hit that orb on the bottom either 4 or 5 times.
I completed it
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My game crashes every time i complete level on
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I finished the game

5 Leaders with 4  max tier bosses and 8 taskmasters (2 task masters for each boss)

is very OP!!!!!!! It will get you the black hole very quickly!

Just get the coca infused stardust and have him eat it all and he will explode and remouladin will wormhole him far away and after that do the party and go to jack when it gives you the option unless you don't want to prestige (he will give you 3 ) and he will finish exploding and create the original planet 

it reset me

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thank you eetazeeba

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thank you dino200

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thank you VoidCloud

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thank you the incremental nerd

Suggestion it would not reset your automation every time you update
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thanks casteele

from where I'm at v 0.3 is too hard 1e100,000 seriously thats way too high

Mine too