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I dont know about you guys but id also love to see a contract demon sequal as well.

I would also enjoy a sequel.

Also i collected 32 shells is that all of them or are there more? srry if this is spoilers i dont know how to mark it as so.

Once again phenomenal game Nami I wish i could support you on patreon and actually pay for these games cause you deserve it!!!!! Playing this game gave me something to do during these boring times XD I use too feel the same way i felt that living here on earth wasn't worth anything  but thats in the past.  Thank you for making this game!!!! Cant wait for the next Treat game. Will it be out by the end of this year or out sometime next year? But dont rush it a late game is always a better game!!! :)

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do you got an estimated time the next one will come out

Great Story. I would love to see a sequal. and if i may ask is the next project gonna continue Lonely Wolf Treat? 

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OMG THIS WAS THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!! Great job on the game Nami i loved it all i especially loved how Danny is accepting wolves and foxes.  I love the girlfriend relationship between Treat Moxie and Mochi or soon to be.  and the cliff hanger with the garden made want more cause im so excited bout the next game but im also mad about the garden being destroyed and finally i love Moxie's new hair color. is the hair color change based of being in a warmer climate? if so that was great detail cant wait for the next game.

Whats the next game called an when is its release date?