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Depends on the gamefeel you're going for I guess. I feel actions with consequences makes for a more engaging experience... e.g. pressing attack should commit to that attack ala Dark Souls. I think allowing a cancel (to say block) during "wind up" or "recovery" is a good middle ground.

Are you asking for attack to be canceled by block?

Hey Guys -- been tracking your progress on twitter for a while, super exciting to be able to give the game a go.

Below is a link to a video showing my playthrough, I shared my thots as I went along -- hopefully helpful. 

Love where the game is headed and really enjoyed my time with it.  I played for about 20 mins and defeated the boss. I played on a 4 year old Mac Pro tower, running Windows ofc, and used an Xbox One controller for Windows.

If you have any follow up questions let me know, always up for a game design chat. All the best with the game!

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Super late to the party, saw the feature on RPS and grabbed the demo. I created a new thread, didn't see this one -- sorry must have been tired, I'll delete the other one.

Lot to love here, only 30 mins in, but just a wee bit of feedback / intial thots, hopefully useful.


The smoothing on the camera feels off to me. It's a bit too slow to recover, with a bit too much overshoot, and at the very end of the recover the  overshift causes the hero to jitter for a frame or two before it comes into focus again. It makes me a bit motion sick. Are you using floating point values to position the camera? Perhaps fix it to integers and work the math to ensure you're never in-between pixels. 

Also on the camera, I feel it would be useful to explore a Mario style camera where you only pan up / down when changing surfaces, rather than directly tracking the hero's movement 1:1 w ever jump. The current system makes the camera too "active" causing me to focus on the entire world rather than just my jump and target destination. 


I think there might be a bit too much slide when changing directions and maybe a bit more slide needed on the end run. Nothing major, just a few frames less and more.

Anyways really like it so far.

Blue box...

Sorry, don't remember the name. When I "pick it up" by pressing X the entire game slows down to about 1/4 speed. This goes away if I load into a new room, but there doesn't seem to be any other way to make it go away. At first I thot it was a neat effect of consuming the box, like I was burdened by it, but it seems to be a bug as it doesn't go away when I release the cube.

All the best!

First game ever!? Awesome work!

Great production values

Great atmosphere and visuals

Killer retro color scheme

Cool concept

Nice work on the pixel art!

Cool to see the ghosted version of Mario in the BG

Made me laugh the entire time, well done!

Art looks great

Love the art style

Great work on the pixel art

Tribute to the tribute, nice!

Nice job on the retro visuals!

Love the soundfx and music! Great subtle use of 3D too!

Best 3d entry I've played so far!

Tried to play, doesn't seem to load :|

Love the art style!

Great concept on a touch device!

Neat idea!

Nice use of Unity physics... the "U" shape adds something cool to the flappy model!

Love the changing background color!

Is there a score?

Love your sound fx!

Can't seem to get the game to load :|. It just shows me the text and then a white page... :|.