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A member registered Feb 22, 2014

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First game ever!? Awesome work!

Great production values

Great atmosphere and visuals

Killer retro color scheme

Cool concept

Nice work on the pixel art!

Cool to see the ghosted version of Mario in the BG

Made me laugh the entire time, well done!

Art looks great

Love the art style

Great work on the pixel art

Tribute to the tribute, nice!

Nice job on the retro visuals!

Love the soundfx and music! Great subtle use of 3D too!

Best 3d entry I've played so far!

Tried to play, doesn't seem to load :|

Love the art style!

Great concept on a touch device!

Neat idea!

Nice use of Unity physics... the "U" shape adds something cool to the flappy model!

Love the changing background color!

Is there a score?

Love your sound fx!

Can't seem to get the game to load :|. It just shows me the text and then a white page... :|.