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I am impressed. No, I am actually very impressed with this. From the standpoint of the demo, it is nearly flawless. My only (small) critic, (or perhaps suggestion) is more character building between the mice. While the scene with the "god" was framed exceptionally well, I feel this could have left a stronger impact if the player had a better connection with the mice. More time to get to know them and their connection would do much good, but perhaps you already have this planned?

I look forward to what you have to bring in the future for this game and from a player's perspective am impressed with the quality of it so far. I have a few questions.

I especially enjoy the music in your current version. If it is ok, where can I download/listen to the song?

I would really like the option of having a first person view both while walking around in the world as well as scenes. May I suggest this if this has not already been?

I have the fought Aqua and she is a part of my team (unless you are talking about another fairy). I do not appear to have any nectar in my inventory, the quest information shows I still need to acquire it and nothing happens when I go to the lab. I must be missing something. I would appreciate any additional help.

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I need help obtaining the nectar. I have the Pixie Dust and I have Aqua in my team, but I am not sure how to get her spit. I also have her in my phone twice.

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Other than movement, the controls do not seem to work when using a keyboard.

Edit: Its the same case for a controller and is the likely reason why in the video the player just ran around without smashing anything.