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thanks so much :)

On down press, the player is accelerated down. And on contact with a fuse, it is getting stomped.

Do you mean the down dash? To Stomp the fuses on the ground?

thank you for the hint! Fixed it :) 

ooopsie. Ye ol' switcheroo 🙈

of course! There you go :) 

lovely made! Getting some serious Mario Land 2 vibes!

lovely made! And the soundtrack(s) are sooo good!

lovely prototype! Stunning pixel art and the idea of the game is brilliant!
For me personally it could've had a bit less text overall. And the very first rythm battle was quite hard. I would think of maybe some short introduction of the buttons for the lines, and some sort of very easy and slow song to get started and get a feel for it (and get me thinking I've actually earned the "you rock" :D because I absolutely sucked xD

Keep up the good work! 

absolute awesomeness overload!

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awesome work! Thanks a bunch!
I noticed there is a lag between the initial jump and the extra jump. How could I reduce this lag to 0?

awesome work!

as I wrote before. Stunning work. Like really triple A things going on here

thank you so much :)


Worked! Thanks!