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lovely presentation and great mechanic with lots of depth to explore further! i think my only gripe mightve been the control layout, i found myself switching from two hands on keyboard to mouse and keyboard often, might be worth changing the z controls to mouse and mapping the movement controls to something that could be done with one hand, beautiful game otherwise!

thank u for playing <3 definitely had some problems with that towards the end, may revisit

aa thank you so so much <3 looking forward to sitting down and playing yours!

hard agree on that,,,

v cute! i like the catgirl shes cute :3
i got a bit confused at first when the guards started chasing because i assumed thief mode was invisible but otherwise this is cool

Cool take on the dash platformer mechanic!

Difficult at first, but mastering the movement of the toilet roll to find its unstoppable mobility potential is very satisfying!

Very cool, I have yet to make it past the first swing. It has been 20 minutes. I am on the floor in fetal position. Perhaps the futility of this toilet rolls struggle is indicative of the wider conflict in society.

5 stars

Deep and cool concept! I liked the way the interactions were presented.

Thanks! Loved the art in ur game btw c:

The eternal question of gamejams,,,,

Thank you so much! Best of luck to you!

Thank you! Xelo's work on the shaders side really brought the whole game together.

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Programming, art, game design by @XELOS_ (

Music/sound, level art, game design by @axoletlmusic (

Still in vague development! Minor hiccups and balances to be ironed out!

rip, i guess you dont have java then :(

nanoic enhancements and integrated servos are good :D

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it is going to be further developed for a small while once ratings end :)
(new items and gui and bug fixes)

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Enemies drop these upgrades - of which some can boost ur run speed to out-speed the camera and focus on pew pew  :)

Tank - fortresses! Tanktresses?

It looks alot better now :O

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how do you survive more than 5 seconds. XD

122 >:I

D: oh noes