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Cool and responsive game!

Beautiful game! There could just be a cursor, so you'd know where you are aiming

Fun and well polished game! It's really cooler than original snake. The art style is also sick, good job!

Cool and well polished game!

Cool game! The only problem is that the player character is kinda slow.

The game is cool and responsive, the "Pac-man" system is cool and the accelerating system is way cooler than just pressing left to move left, congratulations on your work! The only problem is that it's kinda impossible to dodge mini asteroids, cause the spaceship gets fast very quickly, so i think the player could have a smaller speed limit (it's just my opinion, maybe the game is about getting very fast and i didn't get it). There could be a final screen that shows you your score and your record.

This is so good! Transitions are smooth, colours are great and its very responsive. Could be very useful to create hex based DnD dungeons

-75 i guess

I don't know what happened, but i didn't die even if my HP was lower than 0

Really cute and well polished game! There's a lot of game juice and it's very cute. The only problem is that there's nothing that shows you the meteor is gonna down, so you take damage because of bad luck sometimes. 

What's your game about?

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I started making games some time ago, so i had a very simple idea: a game where the less enemies there are  in the screen the stronger they are.