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How do I download Android on Mega I'm confused 馃

hope you resolve whatever family issues your having. Also have a great day 馃憤馃槞

Can't wait for next update 馃槍

Can't wait when the android version comes out馃槏

ohhhh ok lol.

I haven't played it but what happened?

Love this game 馃槏

Are you talking about those old wolves are the ones down voting everyone?

He wasn't!!?! I'm confused I could of sworn they were at least half brother lol I'm dumb馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍

Ok I'm kinda confused why is everyone getting down voted is like a glitch or is it actually a person literally down voting everyone for no reason. Also I kinda like Ranok little brother tano and would like if he had a route that would be so cool

Omg!!!! this right here is the highlight of my life 馃ぃ

Don't know if you remember this but I had asked a question a while ago and haven't had access to the internet to rely 馃槄. Anyway it seems that it's only your game that won't let me download on Android I'm not really sure why though.

am I the only one who can't download the android version 馃槩

yeah it was funny ned just a horndog lol still love the game

Is there a way to use android like with joiplay

Can I usee Joiplay to play it on Android

yes i really like verse stories their the funniest to play.

So is the mc a top or bottom or like a verse like me 

I can see why everyone likes jun route but man shoichi is the best, he also remind me of Leo mixed with amicus from adrastra (is that how you spell it).

is there android or other way I could play like with joiplay

Can I use joiplay to play it on Android

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Isn't cott the main love interest? So it does kinda make sense you don't get too choose much about the relationship stuff. Also I kinda got wolf vibes from cott hint why he seem so sexual also the ned gives of wolf vibes.

Tales of Androgyny communityCreated a new topic Question

When I try to download it says error also when I try using joiplay it doesn't show it files to use the game like .exe or apk

Is there a problem with the Android version because it won't let me download it just says error 

Android is there one

Will there be a Android version

馃槶 could I try using joiplay or something

Is there Android

Same I do the same just to see their reactions

Can I download it with joiplay with an Android

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I feel like he should of spoked up and told him whatever happened and the whole situation could've been avoided but yeah can't wait when he gets a route.

Small On Top communityCreated a new topic Question

Is the mc top only not that I mind it, it's just in real life I'm versatile and  I like playing versatile characters.

Also the mc kinda remind me of chase from Echo Hopefully he doesn't end up being the killer or some psycho. And I can see why everyone likes Russel but I want more Zach he intrigue me the most.

Umm wow the scene with Ben馃槏馃崋馃挦

Can't you send it? To some one to test it.