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Alia Kim

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It's alright! Thanks for the note, will do ^^

I downloaded it and it's super helpful since I'm still a beginner. However, I'd like to ask if there's a control group I can look to or contact since there are some terms and functions that I've yet to encounter in the official documentation and other sites ^^;

*screams* Was waiting for this since Halloween Otome!

I've been following your games for a while now (unknowingly though). It started when I noticed how similar the art styles were between Heartbaked and Arena Circus. Needless to say, I love you and your works. Especially Ellaria, that one's the best so far. I also can't wait to buy the Arena Circus Golden (since i'm under 18 and can't buy things yet). I look forward to more of your works. <3

Tailor Tales community · Created a new topic A Helping Hand

I srsly loved this game to my bones, so much so that I want to know a way to help the development of this game. I'm just a 16 year old brat that loves her laptop more than anything else in the world and I would REALLYlike to know how I could lend a hand in the development of this game.

whoops messed up there, sorry. I didn't realize that it was incomplete. CONTINUING... It reminded me of the manga series Are You Alice? and the Visual Novel Summoner Sweethearts. Both of them are really good with AYA?'s mystery and mindf*cks and SS's cute art and complex game. Well, that was my opinion before playing, but I was glad to know that I was not disappointed and got more than what I initially expected. Good Game.

Comment before playing: This sorta reminds me of 

Have I talked about this game? No I think not.


Gold's story was one that attached itself deep into my heart along with many other games and their lores. And there was just something about the Lolita, Victorian, and harlequin style that sat quite too well with me, I realized that the gore, the blood and all the crunches of bones went all too well with that. The music drowned me in a haze that made me fall into Gold's world as well.

That is awesome! thanks!

Backstage Pass community · Created a new topic Animu?

I'm sorry but I gotta ask, did this originate from anime?

It's OK, I would just like to wish you well and give you all of my support! thanks for replying!

Really? i'm excited! after this game i can't wait for your next one ^^. Best wishes!

I'm Proud.

Thanks for adding more Filipino-made VN's to the world, Ren'Py was after all made with us XD. Nice game I love it so much! Salamat sa biyaya mong ito !

Good day, Ran S. :)

I'm just a kid whose really into her visual novels. Seeing the thumbnail, description, and pics, i just assumed i would just rate this game a 6 or 5 (out of ten). I even thought of that while i was playing it, but what really got me hooked on your game is the story. Sure I could put the graphics on 7, but the story got me high up on 20. I love it all Viktor, Vern, Vonn (especially Vonn). I'm amazed by the fact that you made this ghost story into so much more and i honestly love it. Is it alright though if I make a suggestion? Like a Cg gallery (but maybe there should be more cg's first, I only saw one cg set), and probably more clothes for the characters. I felt bad for Lee for not having enough clothes or when (spoiler) Viktor came to the hospital room in his ghost clothes.

thanks a lot for hearing me out. but all in all i love this game (8/10) <3