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Wild Heart <3

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Replied to sakevisual in Animu?

That is awesome! thanks!

Created a new topic Animu?

I'm sorry but I gotta ask, did this originate from anime?

It's OK, I would just like to wish you well and give you all of my support! thanks for replying!

Really? i'm excited! after this game i can't wait for your next one ^^. Best wishes!

I'm Proud.

Thanks for adding more Filipino-made VN's to the world, Ren'Py was after all made with us XD. Nice game I love it so much! Salamat sa biyaya mong ito !

Good day, Ran S. :)

I'm just a kid whose really into her visual novels. Seeing the thumbnail, description, and pics, i just assumed i would just rate this game a 6 or 5 (out of ten). I even thought of that while i was playing it, but what really got me hooked on your game is the story. Sure I could put the graphics on 7, but the story got me high up on 20. I love it all Viktor, Vern, Vonn (especially Vonn). I'm amazed by the fact that you made this ghost story into so much more and i honestly love it. Is it alright though if I make a suggestion? Like a Cg gallery (but maybe there should be more cg's first, I only saw one cg set), and probably more clothes for the characters. I felt bad for Lee for not having enough clothes or when (spoiler) Viktor came to the hospital room in his ghost clothes.

thanks a lot for hearing me out. but all in all i love this game (8/10) <3