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no problem man, keep up the great work

my bad i forgot to respond, but the issue was fixed and i finished up to the to be continued scence, i loved this game and cant wait for more!

Yea i had the same glitch, only i thought it was a part of the game and played through it again just to realize it looped me back, i saved in the middle of it too so im now having to restart most of the game.

too repetitive, the first tip is to look at each email carefully, yet when you get an email with the same format you have a random chance to lose or gain subs, when you lose subs it says its the wrong choice yet i get another email with the same format and say no to it, then i lose subs again, is there something im not getting here?

cool game, wish the oppenent lost a feature too as they progress

pretty good, keep up the good work!

ok, thanks for the feedback!

anyone else seeing this? 

Pretty good, only complaint is when i place a 175 target and it gets destroyed i cant remove the debris