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23 Dogs in a Trenchcoat

A member registered Jul 17, 2018

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This is oddly beautiful.

As someone who, like the cat in this story, is also slowly losing their vision, this story really spoke to me. It's a nice reminder of how we can find beauty in the ways that we are broken. Thank you.

I tried to play your cute-looking game, but I got an error saying "Nothing that can be launched was found." when I tried to play it.

This game is fantastic, but I can't finish it...

Whenever I beat the final boss, he just kind of stops moving and nothing happens. I can't hit him. I can't leave. All I can do is Save and Quit, which starts the fight over again. This has happened twice, so its not just a fluke.

This game was a real treat. I'm so glad I played the demo and can't wait for the full game! 

One thing I thought I should mention, though, is that the filter over the dream at the begining of the game doesn't fully cover the screen. At the very top it cuts out and you can see sort of a bright purple line. Its not a huge deal but I figured you might want to know.

Thank you very much!

Is there a way to connect my controller to the games I download from