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23 Dogs in a Trenchcoat

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I'm so glad you enjoyed this! I hope it inspires you to make something, maybe with a community, maybe on your own! Art really is a fundamental part of humanity. We should tell the stories we want to see in the world rather than waiting for some corporation to give us a sanitized version of them. 

Thank you so much for reading! Comments like this mean the world to me. 

space wizards!

Hey, I couldn't download this. the download link took me to google drive, but when I hit download, it says too many people have tried to download this file recently.

Oh hell yeah, can't wait!

Yo, this comic is sick! The art is so expressive and captures a real laidback punk energy! Love it. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

“I identify as a hot mess” MOOD

I know nothing about Pretty Little Liars, but this was good.

This is sick! I love how sketchy and abrasive this is! So cool.

Thank you for making this. I can relate to feeling confused. 

I spent years in my youth agonizing over my sexuality. Was I gay, was I straight, what was I? I did settle into the gender identity of nonbinary pretty comfortably, it does feel like it fits, but what about my sexuality? I’m 22 and I still don’t know. Am I a lesbian? Using that word for myself feels uncomfortable as a trans masculine person because it associates me with being a woman, But I’ve always related to lesbian romances more than straight ones. And lesbians can be butch, even trans masculine, like Feinberg, right? Still it doesn’t quite feel comfortable. Is that because it isn’t right for me or because I have internalized shame? And I don’t even know if I am romantically attracted to people. Do I like th idea of a relationship more than a real one? Could I be aromantic? I feel like I should know by now, but I don’t. It’s… frustrating.

That’s a long way to say I relate to what you are feeling.

We shall see what the future holds!

Thank you! I’m excited to write more about it at some point. And I really appreciate hearing what you have to say! Getting such thoughtful comments on my work really means the world to me!

Thanks for the feedback! I completely agree that a major reason why people don’t make the things they want to is because the idea is too big, I’ve certainly been there. Having smaller, less “important” projects to work on is a crucial part of growing as an artist. I am aware that Goncharov is not the first or only work like this. I wanted to focus on Goncharov because of the smaller scope of this zine, but I said in the description that I wanted to elaborate on that concept, and part of that elaboration will definitely be talking about stuff like SCP Foundation and even an earlier “fandom for a work that doesn’t exist”, Ships of the Northern Fleet. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I definitely want to talk about how collaborative, low-stakes works like these allow people to start making art without the daunting task of building something from scratch, with credit to you of course! Thank you so much for commenting. I hope you got something out of reading my little zine!

Nevermind, it was the ALT text that was causing the problem! Shame I can't use the ALT text now, but at least it works.

hey, I really appreciate you making this! but I can't get it to work. whenever I try to load it, it just says "loading pages" indefinitely. can I get some help? here's a link to it if seeing it helps at all:

You’re welcome!

This is really cool. The games feel ethereal, like they could be real but are just out of reach.

This stuff is creepy as hell. Great work!

I get that feeling of needing to scream. Maybe we can scream together.

This was freaking adorable!

I don’t even listen to his music, but now I want to.

These look so sick!

Dang. These glitchy looking collages are so fricking cool!

Well, boy howdy, you succeeded!

Love the art on this. Very scrappy, but in a fun way! Like recapturing the joys of childhood drawing.

This is a fun little zine, very good sense of humor, love the lil potatoes!

Love this version of the mythology! You’re so creative, and your art is so lovely!

Dang, this looks so cool! All the effects you add to your already very lovely artwork really make it pop!

This is a very potent expression of sensory overload. The artwork is very good.

This is a stunning work of art. The artwork is striking in its brilliant simplicity, and the raw emotion on display is powerful.

This is gorgeous! The art work is truly stellar. I love this lil guy!

This was… weirdly fascinating. Good work!

This was gut wrenching and powerful.

Love the vibes and the fucked-up characters. Would love to see more of this story!

Striking artwork, accompanied by a strong thematic through-line. Very good!

Dang, this made me feel emotions. The visuals are sick. Love it!

A message we all need to hear to prepare us for the incoming storm. A great reminder of what needs to be done!

As someone with a Cochlear Implant I would like to say, the idea of the “low battery” beeping playing on a loop indefinitely sounds like hell.

But the really potent version would be the high-pitched beeping sound everything makes when you put your implant on the wrong ear. That is truly nightmarish.

Anyways, great zine! I kinda unironically want to read Brainowizard now.

Damn. What an ending tho.

So lovely!