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I very much enjoyed the animations of the teleporting and it really added to the game because it made it unique to this game and seemed more complex.

I thought that the use of comments individual to every character especially the snails made this game better because it kept it less repetitive and more comprehensive 

This game was much more comprehensive than most that I've been playing and had  much more interesting story line where as some didn't have any story at all, 10/10

Im not sure if i never picked the right one or there wasnt anything past the jam cellar part but it was kind of anticlimactic 

I enjoyed this game a lot, I liked the maze feel of it at least towards the end when you had to explore different directions in order to find what you were looking for 

I thought that it would be better with checkpoints to go back to when you died instead of starting over whenever you die because of something you didnt know about the game