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This game is reaally nice and I am absolutely looking forward to further updates. One little recommandation. Maybe it would be a good idea to add a little description for a task when it appears for the first time. With some of Succu-chans instructions I was not sure what exactly she expects me to do. I don't really know what a timeout in this context is for example.

They look great. =) Thanks for sharing!

Bought this and the first one. I really like them and am planning to use some tracks of them for an retro rpg wich I am working on right now, so thanks for creating a offering them for such a fair price. =)

Alright, thanks for clearing that up. That license stuff can be a bit confusing sometimes...

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Hi once more, I came back here with the plan to buy ypur pack. Than I took a look at the licence and got a bit unsure. I was planning to use those sprites in rpg maker. Can I do this (and still have my game eventually go commercial) ? 

Thanks, it's apreciated. Good luck with whatever projects you are working on as well. =) 

Oh I see, well still nice work. I feel  like I am bit too far away with my project's progress to spend any money on things like sprites for now anyway but I might consider buying them anyway later. They look pretty good and totally fitting for the visual style wich I plan to use.

Hi there, may I ask if there are side and backviews included?