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I thought Pacific was creepy, First Winter certainly stepped up the chills my friend. The fact that it kinda shows "you" going through this stuff makes it all the more scary

I recommend this big time

I personally enjoyed Pacific, it has a very interesting atmosphere. In reality something like this really could happen you really never know. 

I highly recommend playing this

Oh man are you remaking this or something?!!!!

I have to say Urbex was great, then came Midnight Shift, now here we are with a remake of sorts of Midnight Shift. I have to say I loved the VHS style from the original Midnight Shift. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but play the original Midnight Shift first. The remake still has the scare factor which I do truly love...Good job Phantom

I love any game that makes it look like a VHS style of gameplay. This just makes you want to not work as a secuirty guard at a mannequin place ever. 

All in all the game is pretty scary. I played Midnight Shift Remake as well and I'm overly impressed with it as well..good job man

For being a short Indie Horror game this was pretty creepy. For starters I wouldn't go in an abandoned house by myself. The house had the RE7 feel to it which made the game even better...good job man, I look forward to future games. 

I enjoyed the game fairly well actually. For being pretty short the whole concept from the begining was creepy man. From the monster design to the sound effects make this a well crafted game. 

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I have got to say Dan you did another good job man. I like playing games that are of the VHS/Pixel horror style. If you do make this into a full game I think it will be pretty freaking awesome

I look forward to playing this jewel very soon, every game you make is pretty awesome

The whole concept of the game was pretty cool. I tried 2 different playthroughs in this video and each attempt the game was different.  I would love to see more added to the game to go in more in depth of the psychological aspects 

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I have got to say for being under 6 minutes of gameplay, the game is kinda creepy as the time progresses in the game. It does remind me of the VHS movies that are made like this. I look forward to anything else that is to come. 

No sir, Grandma was out before than

I do have to say if this was my grandma I would not come to visit her at all. I mean let's be realistic now haha. I do have to admit this is in my top 10 of scary games as of this year that I have played, thank you for making it. 


It would be pretty cool to see this get released as a full game one day. It is a downer that PT will probably never ever exist. The graphics were great actually and the gradual scares that followed as you progressed 

I have to say for being a demo this game is very well made, I never knew what to expect around each corner haha. I now have a new fear of mannequins