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I played Pacific yesterday and First Winter today, it was well made sir. Do you have plans to expand on this style of game in the future? I had no idea about the "other" ending till I started reading about it more

I seen some people call First Winter a remake, but I think I read that is the sequel to Pacific, is that correct?

No sir, Grandma was out before than

I do have to say if this was my grandma I would not come to visit her at all. I mean let's be realistic now haha. I do have to admit this is in my top 10 of scary games as of this year that I have played, thank you for making it. 


It would be pretty cool to see this get released as a full game one day. It is a downer that PT will probably never ever exist. The graphics were great actually and the gradual scares that followed as you progressed 

I have to say for being a demo this game is very well made, I never knew what to expect around each corner haha. I now have a new fear of mannequins

I do have to say this game was pretty creepy , I look forward to playing First Winter soon.