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A member registered Apr 17, 2019

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Some quick things that may/ may not be changed in the update I hear is happening soon...

First impressions: (Only single player)

Well built atmosphere, it was a little... unnerving.

I liked being able to use weapons, open doors, control units, look at cameras and knock over chairs

I found the learning curve steep, even with the tutorial.

I see a lot of potential here, this game was better than (ah, just about) every horror based game I've played!


1. Sometimes the infected seem to 'glitch' through a closed door.

2. Chairs and other décor objects can be pushed through one another.

3. The game usually froze (for me) after I had picked what type of units I was going in with.


4 Engineers seem stronger than assault. (seem, I might have just gotten lucky)

5. The player could use a nice buff, I felt that I was a bit weak when it came to Hp and speed.

6. The flashlight feels a bit small, but if it goes with the theme, it goes with the theme.

7. The big screen in the control room could be a bit bigger.

8. A timer until rescue as part of the UI, better ammo gages, information of gunshots/ enemies nearby on the UI.

9. Some kind of Hp regen for units/ doors. (Or reparable doors and a medic unit/ item)

10. This is probably the most cliché thing that developers read but... (Here goes nothing...)

-More Maps (Stairs, outdoors) / Units (Medic, Support) / Weapons (Melee, Flamethrower, Tazer, RPG, traps ect.)/ Enemies (Robots, Soldiers) ect.

-Some kind of storyline/ bigger tutorial/ campaign.

-(Décor only) Doors that lead to the outside.

Great Game!