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Fun game, a little frustrating at the beginning trying to understand what am I supposed to do, but then played and got both endings. Also +1 for adding a mouse sensitivity setting.

I somehow noclipped on the room on the left just before the snek, but apart from that small bug, it was pretty cool and polished

Game crashed for me (on Linux) just after trying to start the car :( I was enjoying the vibe

Great atmosphere and design of the city

Played both parts, loved the use of colour and the point-and-click system.. thanks!

I just see a black screen and a voice talking, and then it stops

My torch disappeared in the airlock, and I had no idea where the backup generator is. Also, the FOV, motion blur and torch movement are a little nausea inducing... That said, cool atmosphere

Did it take 21 hours or 72 to complete? In any case, good work, cool atmosphere!

A little too blurry but a decent attempt at horror. Cheers

Fun little game, and great use of sound and music. CAPTAIN OVER!!!!

This is what getting a job in the 1950s felt like.

nice little game, I enjoyed it