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question will there be image generation in the future and if so will it be paid or free (what id do is have 2 versions a lesser quality one that is free and a higher quality one that is paid) also will there be a feature to save the chat on your device

cant wait till you're back

every time i look at the background it reminds me of sims 4

go on there patreon i think they are on v0.7.5 there and its a free download

thank you

i cant get past the pirate ship level i cant find a use for the anchor and i cant find the walkthrough

thank you

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i think they have stopped updating the game on itch because if you go to there patreon they are on v0.7.5 for a public version

i was wondering do you have a set date for when the next update is going to be released

you will have to wait for the next update

the sex scene is at the gentlemen club its with the blue haired girl

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same and most porn games are fun and well made

Wasnt there an apk for this game

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Do you have a patreon

Will this game ever come to the oculus quest

Not to be rude but do you have a set date for the next update

I have a question is this game gonna be made for android some time in the near future

Is this game still in development

ok thanks

How do you increase your stamina

i sent the email

This game is not on the website

Sorry for asking this on a different game but is there a way to buy this game without a paypal

How do i buy this game without using paypal(i dont have a paypal)

Where do we ask for requests