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I am sorry to inform you, but DrDungeon has passed away in early 2021. as far as purchasing his games, the steam-site for Madman is the only one I am aware of. but you can find his games on abandonware websites.

backup your saves.
if your character dies, the save file is erased - if you backed up your file before, you can just copy it into the saves folder and keep on playing.

Grimoire is a dungeon crawler most reminiscent of Wizardry 7 and Wizardry 6.

in this game your party of 8 self-created or pre-made heroes (consisting of vampires, drakes, giants, saurians, fairies etc.) are on an epic quest to restore peace in the fairtytale-like world of Hyperborea.

you'll explore a vast open world made up of lush forests, dangerous dungeons, water areas, mountains and towns and battle enemies in turn based combat or solve intricate puzzles.

a game like Grimoire hasn't been released since Wizardry 7 and it is a must play for every RPG enthusiast. it is made by a single man and still puts all the AAA RPGs made by big developers to shame. big thumbs up and I'm already dying to play a second roleplaying game in the same world as Grimoire or maybe even in a new setting.