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Thank you!

Thank you! Our level designers did great! I'm glad you enjoyed!

Great job! The music and art are awesome! It's really cool to just summon a bunch of monsters to beat up the enemies!

Like the Music? Listen to it Anytime on YouTube!

The Full OST of Motherboard is Now Available on my YouTube Channel!

(premiering today at 4:30 pm MT)

This is cute! I love the way the little snakes look! Unfortunately sometimes you can get snakes that wander around aimlessly and starve, but that probably just means I need to guide them more. Overall great take on a classic web game!

This is fun! The sfx were great, the art was good, and I didn't encounter any bugs! Although I feel like the game would be a bit better if the dark wasn't completely opaque or the player had the option for the AI to just follow them (that might exist and I just don't know how to do it), But otherwise great job!

This is adorable! I love the art style and the sound design is great! Good job! :D

This game was super cute and pretty fun! I love the art and music, nice job!

Thank you! I designed Aye and Aisrosel designed the player character! Glad you enjoyed the game!

No problem! Thanks for making a cool game!

Thank you! challenging and fun are always good! Glad you liked it!

Thanks!!! We felt like it was a really fun way to incorporate the theme into the game! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you! It took our programmers some time to make the undo but I feel like it was worth it, the gameplay feels a lot smoother with it! Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks! Glad you had fun!

Good job! This game is fun and well polished! It was nice to get a fully voiced story in this game and it put it towards the top of my favorite entries!

Thank you so much!!! Your critique is super helpful too! Glad you liked the game and thanks for playing!

This is amazing! The art is awesome, the sounds are great, the gameplay is fun and challenging! Great job! Definitely one of the best entries I've played so far!

This game is pretty fun! I did have problem where the ball was pushing me around (instead of the fish hitting it) which brought it down from great to good, but overall this game is really cute and it was fun when the fish worked properly! Nice job!

The art was really cute and the sound design was great! Gameplay wise I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing... I know you're supposed to predict what lamp the cat was going to pick, but there was no way to discern which lamp it was, making it a blind gamble with no stakes. One thing I feel would fix this issue would be the option to ask the cat about a lamp and have the cat give a vague response, making it more of a word puzzle to figure out which lamp it is. Overall, it has the potential to be good and I'd love to see what you do with it if you work on it after the jam!

Great Job! It was a little overwhelming at first  even after doing the tutorial, but I quickly figured out what I was doing and it was really fun! The audio and visuals are amazing as well!

Thank you so much! that's exactly the feeling we were going for and I'm glad it came across!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game!


Oh Nice

I think you can get to all of them, that was mostly a comment on the fact you can't get them all in one run, there are a couple levels where there's more gears than you need and it moves you on before you can get all of them, sorry for the confusion! ^^

I love the artwork! However the typewriter text was hard to read and it cut through the game environment at some points. I also found that without a jet things floated too slow, and with a jet things flew out of control. I'd love to see where this goes if you decide to work on it more after the jam, until then, have a great rest of your week!

Always happy to help out another dev! :D

This is cute! It makes me sad that you can't collect every gear, but the little robot is super cute! The game responds directly to your actions and I didn't encounter any bugs! Overall, Great job!

This game is pretty cool! The way it function opens it up to many different play styles! With how fast the AI moves I feel like adding some drag to the camera would be helpful so that it's not frustrating to place blocks; Otherwise, Great Game!

This game is really pretty! However I found myself dying a lot (which could be due to the fact I don't usually play this type of game XD) some of the spaces between obstacles were really tight and hard to get through consistently. I feel like being able to use the spacebar to fly would help the game out a lot because it would allow the controls to be on one hand. On the flip side, the controls were really easy to learn and I liked the cute little cutscene at the beginning! Overall, good job, I'm excited to see where this goes if you work on it after the jam!

Thanks! The levels were designed by our programmers who are also amazing puzzle designers! I'm super glad you like our game!

Thank you! It was really fun to make this little game and I'm glad you like it!

Thank you!!!!

Thank you! The Artwork was done by Aisrosel and I, it was super fun to work on the art together so I'm glad you like it! :D

I'm glad you like our game! Thanks for all the helpful feedback too! :D

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, our programmers did a really great job with AI and level design! I'm glad you like our little game!

(The teen stage was my favorite one art and music wise lol, so I'm glad you like it!)

The sound design here is lovely! and it's pretty fun for how short it is, great work! :D


Nice job! This game is adorable and pretty fun to play! Some levels were a little hard but that just made beating them feel even better! Also I love the little robot sprites they're super cute