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A member registered Feb 15, 2022

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So many good news :) Now I鈥檓 just super curious how Tauren looks like now馃槼

Hello! I have some questions for you :)
1) Are you planning to add live2d to the game?  
2) Can you tell  approximately how long the next update will take?(Just can't have enough of this game xD) 

3)Will Austen  be   romanceable character ?

 4)Do you plan to redraw some old sprites like you did with Austen's ? Maybe Tauren's design?  
5)Will be new characters added into "valentines" event? 

SORRY for all mistakes

Your art skill has improved so much, new cgs are wonderful!

I 've tried to trigger new world event through cheat menu but  seems it's not listed there? Which desires are needed for this one?

Great news !!

Yeah you understood the problem right. Here is the pic after clicking on the small preview. After second click it's closing

Thanks for your game, I like it very much)

I鈥檝e noticed small issue with cg gallery - can鈥檛 open one of cg fully(the one with the dance). only part of picture showed up

I hope so much that the game will be developed further. It's so interesting. I'd like to see slave market implemented, and  characters routes. (especially Rascal's one鉂わ笍) And how main story will go...played  last time around year ago. miss this game