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if you purchase now, V4 will be included as a free update.

Sorry no, it's not possible.

1BITDRAGON 4.0 Preview #04: Oriental Scale

I don't know yet, v4 is soon ready for beta-testing. There is a lot of testing to do to make sure we have a good, bug-free version.

1BITDRAGON 4.0 Preview #03: 7-note and 12-note scales

We've got a new poll up so get your pencils out!

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1BITDRAGON 4.0 Preview #02: 12-note scale

1BITDRAGON 4.0 Preview #01

Great game and amazing idea! (and a great soundtrack and sound effects)

Here are 2 small examples that might help you start making a horror soundtrack:

1BITDRAGON community » Help · Created a new topic We need your help!

The KVR Readers' Choice Awards for 2022 are now open for voting. This is your chance to show 1BitDragon some love 💕

Vote here:

Sorry not yet, it will take some time as I am rewriting the audio engine to support (among other things) variable note length.

Cool ! share the link when it is published ;)

Here are some examples:




An example of what you can create when playing with Live Mode:



No, but that's a good idea. I'll think about it. Thank you.


Thank you for your feedback.

Sorry, no, it's not possible.

I am working on it...


You can export a clean loop with this button:

Here is a tutorial: 

Hello! The supported configuration is:

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, and CentOS 7. Gnome desktop environment running on top of X11 windowing system.
  • Processor: x64 architecture.
  • Memory: 500 MB RAM.
  • Graphics: OpenGL 3.2+, Vulkan capable. Nvidia using Nvidia official proprietary graphics driver or AMD GPUs using AMD Mesa graphics driver.
  • Storage: 200 MB available space.

Thanks for this idea.

Thank you for your feedback SoraAsari, it will help me improve the software.


Just open File Explorer and find the zipped file. Right-click to select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Then, left-click "1BITDRAGON.exe", and drag it onto your desktop: a shortcut for the program appears on your desktop.

Could you tell me what is your PC configuration?

True, it's a good idea. I need to think about a screen layout.

How do you run it, through Rosetta (select the app, press Command-I and tick the "Open using Rosetta" check box)?

Thank you for your feedback 🙂

Hi InsaneAwesomeTony and thank you!

Some of the upcoming features:

- full scale (not only pentatonic)

- control over note length

 I have no idea when the next update will be, especially because it's going to be a big one 😉

Very good idea, thank you!

For Mac, the problem is that Steam requires all Applications to be notarized by Apple 🙁

For Linux, 1BITDRAGON works 100% well on Linux trough Proton. Just run, tinkering not necessary 😉

Well seen, I note the idea for later.

Yes, sorry there is no Mac version on Steam.

Thank you lazymoth and thank you for these suggestions.

Good point 😉

Ha ha that's not wrong. It's hard to change now that I've put it everywhere:  

Good idea, I will test it to see if it works.

You can change the volume of an instrument by moving the slider:

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Thank you very much Katsuhira for taking the time to make these suggestions! 

Thank you Katsuhira, I will investigate this.