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pretty good game. the story was all over the place though.

pretty good but some obvious coding issues. liked the concept

pretty funny. I liked it.

my favorite so far. good story telling. good choices.

this is a pretty good game.

i thoroughly enjoyed this game. the only thing you need is to try to add more endings.  

the story telling and programing seemed to work really well untill the dog fight. then it was stuck in a loop. but overall it was quite impressive

the story seems good. my only sugggestions are to check the spelling on some words and fix the dead ends and fix the "play shuffle board" link

great game. wild ride

very nice. good variety

great game but maybe more endings?

fun game but seemed unfinished.

grilled cheese is delish good game

good story.

great game. You did pretty good getting eggmans voice(?) right.