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I loved the music and I recognized one of the songs from bright the movie 

I also got a high score of 52

So true

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99/100 will play again(it's not 100/100 because of the ending) I finished the game and the ending is just "WHYYYY!!!!!" 

very fun it deserves it's spot on most popular web game

I didn't get 145 it just happened when I decided too play


maybe you should play the game and see the end lol ice age baby did many numerous war crimes

Can you make this downloadable?

Lol I got a glitch that said I survived for like 145 seconds and I didn't

LOL a the storyline so hypocritical 


can you keep the old music or both?

such as when the new music finishes the old one plays

rocky had like three short lives

When I killed one of those black guys in the GTA thing it said I killed rocky rip rocky, he died again

lol I got a score of 666

Man don't I suck I got like close too 2,000 MAX!


I like the game and it would be even better if it was updated, still I love the game the way it is

can you add more cryptids like longhorse?

siren head can mimic ppls voices


just delete the tab and reopen

mine was $6561

I lagged so hard when I played anyone else?

I like the game but it's too hard for me with all the walls and no sprinting

It took me so long too do this I suck at this

The guy in the laundry room jumped me so hard  I had too play the pennywise diss like twice too calm me down

Super good game but I less loading would be great!

I think my best was like 5 or 6 i doubt 7

It is a prototype so it probably will be improved

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i think my best was 5-7

I suck i got like up too day 5




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What's the name of the song in the beginning of the game?

I really like it

Great game so satisfying!

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Your one of the best game devs on

I loved playing this if only it were longer :c

I loved the game! Was it hand drawn? I highly Think so.

It had a Powerful Message it broke my heart

I found another secret(I think) Please reply if you agree! or not.... Anyways, you know in episode 1? that gorilla blocking that door, if you click him with the gun equipped you get too shoot him, and if you click the gorilla with no items equipped it says "that gorilla looks familiar", So I believe the gorilla's death is a Harambe reference because Harambe was shot and killed in may something 2016