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Dude, chrome literally crashed 3 times because of this. This is terrible. The colors were nice tho.

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Wow, I really love the art style of the game! This game has so much potential. The gameplay is pretty smooth. It would be a little easier if you could just use the mouse click to attack instead of the F key. Can't wait for the full release! Also, the jump animation is a little slow, I feel like it would make all the difference if it was just a little faster.

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woooooo! 16.50 15.70 15.29 14.95

Dammit, I just wanted to cuddle with Raen!

I... I thought this was a normal horror game. What the actual frick. This game actually had a lot of potential to be really scary. I was actually terrified the whole way through.

I got 2 minute 4 second speed run

Omg, this is a great game I love it. Really intriguing Gameplay, a great storyline, and good characters.  Good job!

We need someone to translate that morse code.

I don't think words can express the feelings and emotions I felt while playing this game. the whole story really captured me and brought me on a journey about finding yourself and letting go of things. I can really relate to this story. I've lost things. I've felt lost. But in the end, we still remember what we had. The emotions really kicked in when I met the character, Violet. In real life, Violette was my best friend. But when I lost her, my whole life spiraled down. I started fading away. But, as the story goes, we come back. Only, as something different, but were still the same inside. The same emotions, the same story, Just a new chapter in the story. This game helped me a lot. Thank you. 

Sincerely, A faded soul.

At first, I thought 26 was a good time but then I saw people with freaking 10. All of that pride, gone. Lmao

I am playing on my school computer. It has an intel core i5 10310u CPU with uhd 620 graphics and 8GB of ram. I am playing on the latest version of the game.

I like this game! IT was extremely difficult since the delay on the mouse was about an entire 0.7 seconds. It was kinda hard to control. The health things are super hard to pick up. I was tryna pick one up cuz I was about to die but it wouldn't let me pick it up. Overall an EXTREMELY promising game! Good job!

Can you make it compatible with chrome?

Amazing game! I absolutely loved it. I was a bit confused when something was in my house but I figured it out. Good job!

How many fricking times do I have to do the color code?! I am getting mad.

What exactly is the purpose of the bell on the bike

This. Game. Is. So. Good. This is by far the best horror game I've ever played. That jumpscare with the girl on my bike was so good! This game kept me scared the entire way through. The atmosphere was perfect. This entire game was nailed perfectly. Phenomenal job! 

Your welcome! Just glad to see someone with quality games! I really enjoyed it and I liked the ARG element you added with the webpage and stuff! Good job on the game!

Good night, Dagny

This was a very fun game! There was ALOT of issue with the clipping tho, I kept falling through the floor.





Nice prototype! I see a lot of potential for this game in the future!

I am really bad at puzzle games but this game was really fun! I didn't get frustrated because I couldn't figure out a puzzle! Really good job!

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Would it be possible to make it playable in-browser? If not then that is totally fine!

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@PlayAGA This actually really helped thx!

This was a fun game, good job! Maybe you could add a walk button so it's easier to maneuver the shelves?

I really like the new map! Good job!

How do you get past the maze?

How do I get past the third boost ring?

How do I get past the part with the flares?

Ok thanks!

this game is super fun! jumping is a little delayed like whenever I press spacebar it waits like half a sec then I jump overall great game tho! good job!!!

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