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Great prologue / demo! I love the atmosphere of the island and the mystery that its wrapped up in. I can't wait to see more come from this, the prologue definitely has me wanting more! Here's a video I made featuring a no commentary gameplay so there is no distraction from the game or it's story, enjoy!

I love the style of the game and mystery wrapped around  what is happening. This is a great horror/adventure experience and I'd be excited to see more from you guys! If you haven't checked the game out for yourself yet, here's a lets play without commentary I made so you could enjoy the game and story without any distraction, enjoy!

Great atmosphere and tension building in this demo. I'd love to see more! Here's a short playthrough I made with no commentary so you can enjoy the game without interuption!

I absolutely loved this short story! The voice action was so good and totally set the mood. Totally got a John Carpenter's The Thing mixed with Secret of Monkey Island vibe. I would love to see a much larger game set in this universe and story Keep it up guys this was awesome! I also made a full playthrough video with no commentary so that you could just enjoy the story check it out here:

I love the demo! It feels like Hotline Miami but with a tactical twist.
I'm keeping my fingers cross this gets funded on kickstarter. If you
haven't checked out the demo do yourself a favor and download it! Here's
a quick no commentary let's play I made for the first level available
in the demo. 

Very nice and creative art style with an intriguing story line that makes your imagination run wild. I'm very impressed with this project and I would love to see more from this group of students. Here's a full playthrough that I made without commentary so you can just enjoy the story. Thank you and enjoy!