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I'm having problems with the resolution being bigger than my monitor size? The window is too big for my screen and I can't resize it or zoom out

Also i'm having problems where having visited the fae and gotten ending 7 means I can't get the sugar cube ending, even if I'm in another run.

This is really interesting, but unfortunately the trial and error of the spellbook kinda ruins it for me. A better indication of the list of spells available would be nice?

Hey, some of the act 2 cards don't seem to have a link to act 3. is this intended?

Hey I have a bug to report! Two even

1) there is a fallen pillar in the left half of the desert without collision

2) if you return home right as the timer hits 0 and the screen fades to black it will be dark, but time will be frozen. You will have to navigate through the house in the dark.

Otherwise though I'm really enjoying this.

ooh, would be curious about either! Feel free to dm me on Twitter (or discord if u have it)

ooh, we kinda know each other! Wouldn't mind collabing a bit. Haven't interacted with furandre but if they have an idea and you can vouch for em I wouldn't mind hearing it out. 

Might be down to help if anyone's doing something SFW and in need of a writer?

Scuse me! is there a way to import saves from IWBTG classic? I may have starteda game back in 2012 and just now beat wily and would hate to have to start at square one.

Anthro is fun and cute imo personally!

yeah! Scorpions being more powerful than slimes makes sense. It just feels strange to me that when turned into a scorpion, you are about as effective in combat as anything else thats not a human.

About the heal spell, it simply seems like something you never want to cast in combat ever. Most, if not all enemy attacks seemed to do more in damage than a heal spell is ever able to accomplish in one turn iirc? So if you use heal for 200 health and get hit for 250 all you've managed to accomplish is reduce the damage taken by 50, at the cost of 5 mp. And it cost the enemy nothing to do this so its kind of just a waste of time.

Uhhh puppet power: maybe an attack that reduces enemy physical or magical defense or damage?

I feel like this game could use a bit more tweaking. Even though you start out with a heal spell, it seems to almost always do less damage than a regular attack on any given target. Additionally, I have found almost no reason to use the lightning spell on anything at all? It does so little damage, even though you can use it to hit multiple targets the only time you ever face more than one of anything is when you're facing two slimes, and even then you're better off using pretty much anything else to kill them faster.

I am intrigued by the poke skill you get from being scorpioned! However, as is for the most part being changed feels more like a hindrance than a game mechanic. It's the only change that seems to do anything notable and isn't a game over I found. Are there more I missed? Also the poison could maybe stand to be made more likely for the TP investment, or garunteed even for the low damage it does. IDK.

I was definitely a little sad to find out that getting turned into a doll meant basically nothing, and you could only do it once.

It also feels a little cumbersome to only be able to do things like get the elemental stone and open chests while human, as well as being completely useless at combat. The scorpions you fight do more damage to you than the slimes did by a longshot, but when you get turned into one you can't even graze a random thief?

Anyway these are just my thoughts. I am intrigued by what I've seen so far! please don't take this as a sign to stop.

ohhh a bunch of friends!!!

Hi wow i love this a lot!!!

ohhh this is really good!!!! I love it a lot! :D

Hiii this was really cute and nice ok? Thanks for making it :D

Lil short, but cute n good~

Oh my gosh??? I really enjoy this a lot :D

This seems like a really solid start! Mother is terrifying in the best way and I love the weird mix of sympathy and mistrust you've built between Fourth and the other caretakers. 

Ah ok. I may have misinterpreted it. Apologies! 

Ok I enjoyed most of it.... but the fact that there's some lowkey shipping between Efi and Lucio is kiiiiiiiind of uncomfy, espescially considering she is eleven and he is twenty six.

(1 edit)

I got to level 5 after killing the various blades in the lil blade room and opening a nearby cabinet and the screenshake (and column of light) just got worse and worse and wouldn't stop. I turned it off in settings and while that fixed the screenshake my camera no longer looked at the protagonist and the glowing light was still there. Going back to the lab did nothing to stop this.

EDIT: also one of the boss' vertical punches hit a pillar and it froze up. I couldn't attack its weak point and it wouldn't stop being stunned.

a couple of other things: I feel like most of the enemies attack a bit too slowly to be much of a threat. It might be worth upping a bit. Or maybe decreasing how quickly you regen health in combat too. The fact that every enemy drops stuff you can absorb and use to heal yourself means that unless you're fighting something that doesn't drop anything like the ghosts in the pump rooms, you'll probably be able to outheal pretty much everything.

I like the base framework you've got going here though! Looks cool.

Also do you think you could add transparency as a customization option?

Hey I don't know if you're still interested in this but I've added more stuff! Now it goes up to a cliffhanger ending and doesn't have a bunch of broken links and stuff everywhere and so on.

HEY be aware that this is incomplete and really not more than a rough outline with a bit of writing near the beginning. Courses were more strenuous than expected. in any case work on this will continue and we should hopefully be able to get stuff more polished. For the time being note that playing this will likely have anything close to what would be a shocking plot twist in the final version spoiled for you.

Oh yeah thanks! This looks interesting, I'll keep an eye on it.

Is there anything to do in the room with the "paper cutouts"? and if you sleep two days in a row does the scene actually go anywhere, or is it just stuck there forever?