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Dude that is one hella cool looking cafe there!  Nice choice, I love the Candyland-esque theme!  And don't worry, the whole point of testing is to figure out what works and refine things with what data you collect, good or bad.  That sounds like what you're doing, so keep on pushing forwards.  We'll be here to support you!

Don't give up!  This is a good game with a unique playstyle but familiar and almost nostalgic feel from it's JRPG-like format, and I would hate to see it die.  The game industry is a vicious and pretty cutthroat, but that's why you see so many indie games nowadays, cause ppl have a story they want to tell or art they want to show and they want to get it out without the big companies stomping on their creativity and there's now lots of platforms and places like to let them try!  And this game here?  This has a lot of potential and is already stacking up to be a wonderful game, atleast in my eyes.

Also don't worry about pricing!  As long as the demo slice stays free, ppl will give it a shot and get hooked by it.  I mean think of alot of the recent breakout games these past few years: FNaF, Undertale, Untitled Goose game, Don't Starve, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, Subnautica, just to name a few!  All of them cost to buy, but ppl played their demos and got super hooked and we're willing to pay cause the demo was so intriguing!  Not to mention if a YouTuber picks it up or a gaming news website picks it up and reports on it, you tend to get to get a ton of traffic.  You'll be noticed, I'm sure of it, this is too good to be missed.

So don't give up and keep believing in yourself and your game!  I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! :D

I'm so excited to see how this story goes, especially if you guys are using Miyazaki's writing as a kind of guideline for how to build the story.  People are already making comparisons of you guys to Undertale, so I'm excited to see how you guys will break out and differentiate yourselves even more than you already have.  I'm especially interested in that gnome (I trust him as far as Dollface can throw him), and Gold Pig's weird interest in body parts.