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It is said numerous times that lower numbers does not mean a lower and/or hate relationship. It is simply a different trait that comes up.

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Being close to him period is important for later and that walk is more so for Averill. It's not a need, but if you like him a lot then yes, get high points.

No, bartending doesn't show up period on the sidebar.

Not an error and Ep 3 isn't out yet.

Then you need to change your pronouns. Pronouns do not equal gender. The choice is on the same page and in Settings.

Did you change your pronouns?

I'm going to say Patreon because the link there is well a link and there's no need to have to download and unzip things. There is a way to do it all through but it's a lot more.

It's a bug. Next update will have it fixed.

Got it. It'll be fixed in the next update. Thanks.


Yep! S2's update shouldn't take as long though since it's 'relatively' recent and mostly just needs a few reworks and additions due to S1's changes.

As of now, no. But I may consider it once all the routes are actually done and a very stable version is provided.

Every game I have always comes with an alternative cuddle scene instead of sex. There is also an explicit content button that is toggle-able.

I do want Ozara to be the next LI out. It will either come down to her or Nour.

There's an actual setting that says "Change your pronouns" You can also go to settings at any time and change your pronouns.

When they come out you will just need to update the folder, same as how you would update the folder when bug fixes come out and such. When you play them you'll just find that it doesn't end at the demo and it's the full version.

There are three different versions. The Patreon version would be given if you're a patron. If you want that then you need to head to patreon. Those files aren't here. If you don't want those files then the $2 and $10 files to play Ruben are here on

Both Chrome and Firefox are good. I'm sure Safari is too but I personally don't use that browser to test the game. From what I have heard others say, literally just not playing the game using the app fixes the problem. Still playable on phone and everything, it's just the app itself.

Are you playing on the app? Because if so the app and the save setting are not buddy buddy. There is no other way to fix it as it isn't a bug, it's just the app not liking the code for some reason, it works on everything else though.

It's the variable that tracks if you care about freeing Syd from hell or not. 

I see it! 

The only poly route that will be available is between Amari and Syd.

The page tells you what all you have to do. There's one for import then there's one for everyone.

No, you didn't. Only flings are in S1, S2 only Zillah's sex scene. And then smut for all in S3. 

I mean, I don't know. There's five routes and each are at least 200k in all. That's basically five separate games in their own right.

Not at all. Only one route is close to being finished.

No. Season Two is out and Season Three is in progress.

I'm gonna go stand in the corner and cry after this, cos dang lol, thank you. And please, if you ever have the need to speak out about something I write in the story because I've came about it wrong or you just would like something specific addressed, tell me. Please tell me.

$3 - $20 Tiers. The $20 Tier simply gives you a week of early access to the chapters before the other three tiers.

You get the answer at the end of Season 2. Very vague and of course will be explored in Season 3.

And thank you! 

Anything other than the $1 tier will get you access to the additional chapters. So you can do $3 and get them.

Thank you for even considering to become a supporter! It's much appreciated!

It also says: 

Everyone: You all must go to story elements/fears and declare your fears.

No problem whatsoever, I'm glad you were able to fix it! :)

The pronouns are handled not through gender. There is a prompt that says "Choose pronouns" you can also go through the settings and change your pronouns there. 

For the pop-up, are you using the app or the website version? Another person had this problem and it was more so due to the app than anything on my or the stories part.

Thank you for the review! And I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, truly. If you can give any examples to the downsides to better hope me understand then please send them my way!

Sooooo I can only answer some of these due to obvious spoilers of the future seasons.

1. Yes and yes.

2. She's a romanceable character period. Her absence in S2 is the only reason there's hardly any content but there are checks.

3. He was beginning to recover without Sydero. What happens with her back, can't say.

I won't answer the less important ones as of course those are spoiler lol. But all will be answered or at least explored lol.