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in 2.0.4b, korean translate of 'Curse' is somehow translate as 'stronger enemy' guess should 'weaker enemey'

also 'over rampart' and 'open gate' reversed translate issue still exist.

(icon seems okay)

guess it seems not affect on english and only affect on some language.

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seems some translation(or icon itself) reversed.

in battle, as siedge attacker's 'go over wall' and as fortress defender's 'open the gate' are changed somehow.

and also those looks buggy working, in 2.0 version, defender can only open gate once and ever can't close the gate. is this a intended behavior?

attacker always can revert 'go over wall' order as they want so.. feels defender's gate feels bug to me.

and few players loss to found 'how to change language'

only change language button on main menu wouldn't enough for some peoples.

what about add language change in option menu, config file, or auto trigger(once in first run) from steam/gog's languages?